Sunday, 30 March 2008

On life.

What a lazy week in terms of exercise! It's the school holidays which means 99% of the time I'm not able to get "time off" to go to the gym. The 1% opportunity I had, I wasted - shame on me! I've been busy though. I've been teaching dd to swim, which has been frustrating and amazing in equal measure. Thankfully she starts proper swimming lessons next term, but I've managed to get her to the point where she is able to jump in and swim back to the side, can more or less doggy paddle a width, and can swim on her back for a length - all without armbands. Previously she relied entirely on armbands and nothing would persuade her that jumping in was a good idea so I'm thrilled with her progress. It's just every time she declares that she can't do it and grabs at my cossie that I find frustrating, because she *can* do it! Plus every time she grabs, she risks releasing my boobs for all the world to see...

I've also been busy clearing my mum's flat out. She has finally moved into a nursing home and I have to get her flat cleared and clean to hand the keys back. I've put anything worth saving on Freecycle and the rest I will have to get a man and van to clear to the tip for me. It's not a huge job because we only moved her into sheltered accommodation 12 months ago - now *that* was a hard job! She didn't get much chance to accumulate much clutter in the new place so it won't take much more clearing now. I'm trying to de clutter a bit at home too, so Freecycle is getting a lot of action from me! Some of it is being sneaked out behind dd's back though - kids always want whatever you are wanting to get rid of, whether they have played with it in the last year or not!

So how on earth can I make this post relate to my diet or fitness plan? Hmmmmmmm.Well, I got given a box of Celebrations chocs by a happy Freecycler, which of course I can't eat. OK, I've eaten 2. And told dd to hide the rest!

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Loth said...

I had a lazy weekend too - must have been something in the water. Now repeat after me "I am just letting my muscles have some time to repair." See? Works every time. Can't help you with the chocolate though - I'd have been halfway through the box by now!