Saturday, 26 April 2008

Not for the Fainthearted!

Today I decided that I needed to urgently get on to the job of buying decent trainers, because mine really are not comfy at all when I try to run in them.

So I despatched Rebecca off to Ballet & Tap, and I headed off to Running Bear in Alderley Edge. Running Bear is a shop specialising in - yes, you guessed it, running equipment.

I imagine many of you now reading will know the procedure for purchasing good running shoes from a specialist shop. And are already laughing at me. For those who haven't experienced it, I'm here to enlighten you!

First of all I need to set the scene. It's a fine Saturday afternoon on the main road running through Alderley Edge. If you don't know the town, think Posh and Becks, think expensive sports cars so low that I couldn't see them in my rear view mirror, think expensively blonde hair and perfect permatans cultivated in exotic destinations. Think not of sandwich shops, but of "Purveyors of Bespoke Sandwiches"! Then think of me jogging up and down the street with my trouser legs rolled up and 2 people staring intently at my feet and frowning a lot! I'm just relieved I had the foresight to shave my legs and wear my sports bra, that's all I'm saying...!

Having had a little run in various trainers, leaving me sweaty and unable to speak, the bad news was broken to me. "Look, you have broad feet." The shame of it!! Luckily I knew this already, so wasn't too distressed by it. But I was mildly perturbed when I was offered orthotic insoles. Broad AND deformed? Surely not! As it turns out, the orthotics didn't work so well for me, so back to just broad then.

I'm delighted to report that despite my shortcomings in the foot department, I have been kitted out with some very very comfortable Nikes.

That 5K will be a breeze now.

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Loth said...

Ah, another rite of passage! I had the exact same experience on Dalry Road in the middle of Edinburgh, except I was also wearing a business trouser suit and no sports bra! I look forward to hearing how you get on running in them!