Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Creamy pudding and sympathy

Week 33

Weight: 17st 9.5lb
Loss this week: 1.5lb
Total lost: 72lb

Yay another loss! I've still got a very close eye on that "15st by Christmas" target and it is still achievable, but only if I keep my eye firmly on the ball now. There isn't a lot of room for slip ups if I want to make it, and I so do want to make it. Obviously if I don't, it won't be a disaster because I will still have lost a lot of weight over the course of a year, and no doubt at all that I will continue. But for motivation, you can't beat hitting targets! I've always worked very well to a deadline so I think it's time to really see my deadline approach and tackle it head on now!

Last week Dietgirl showed us her recipe for Eton Mess, substituting 2% greek yoghurt for the whipped cream, and I vowed to make it. Not only did I make it, I served it to guests and it went down a storm! I have had the real deal in all it's creamy sugariness, and the low fat version is every bit as nice, no question. And takes a couple of minutes to make. For other Slimming World followers out there, I used the Total 0% greek yoghurt which is of course free food, as are the strawberries. And I used meringue nests from Sainsbury's which are 2.5 syns each. So if you allow 1 meringue per person that's an delicious sweet creamy pudding for a measly 2.5 syns. Well it would be rude not to make it really!

Finally today I'm going to use my blog to whip up a little sympathy for my poor daughter who, at 6 years of age, is suffering with shingles. I didn't even know kids could get it! Poor baby, she is doing really well but she is in pain. Lots of love and very gentle hugs for Rebecca, get well soon baby xxxxxxx


Sara Seahorse said...

I was one of the guinea pigs for the 0% version of the eton mess and can vouch for it being most delicious.

I am now a 0% greek yogurt convert and will be making all sorts of things with it!

Hope Rebecca feels better soon :(

Shauna said...

Shingles! Wow, I didn't think poor wee kids could get that too! Hope she is on the mend soon!

Glad you enjoyed the pud, woohoo :)

nicnack31 said...

Well cone on the loss again this week. Keep it up. I have a christmas target as well and at the moment it seems so far away, but it will be here in no time at all !!!

Loth said...

Ooh, Rebecca! Ow! Sympathy being telepathically sent your way! (Get your mum to make you some Eton mess!)

Wendy said...

She's on to that Loth ;-) I'm about to go and buy the ingredients!

Christine said...

awwww :( Poor Rebecca!

Brenny said...

Awww Hope Rebecca is better soon - I've had shingles & it was no fun! As for the eton mess I think I might just have to try that- we're having a taster day next week at class so maybe I'll take some along (if I'm feeling generous that is)
Well done on the loss! Keep it up!

Brenny xoxoxox

Sundancer said...

Wow - thanks so much for the recipe link. I had Eton Mess at a post restaurant on our anniversary and it was the best thing I'd ever eaten! (not influenced at all by the recommended drink that went with it you understand) - I really have to make this one now! It's simple enough even for me!

Hope your DD is better soon Wendy, that's pretty miserable for her so young.

Brenny said...

I just *had* to come back to say I made the Eton Mess & it is gorgeous! Will be a definate fav in this house!

Brenny xoxox