Monday, 11 August 2008

Oh dear.

Week 31

Weight: 18st 1lb
Gain this week: 0.5lb
Total lost: 66.5lb

Somehow I've gained a half a pound this week, and I don't know why because I've been totally on track, and exercised, done the best I can really. This is a major psychological blow because I've been 18 something for a very long time now - I think I arrived here in May. I've been fine with the gains I expected, where I'd been off plan, but it's much harder to accept this. I'm afraid I didn't stay to class because I needed to escape to lick my wounds.

I still feel like crying if I'm honest.

Sorry for the woe is my post, I'll try harder next time!


Christine said...
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Christine said...

Do me a favour:
Go into the kitchen and measure out 225 mL of water.

That water weighs half a lb.

<3 It's probably not as bad as you think!

(had to delete the first one because there's no edit option on blogger. dumb program :( )

Wendy said...

That's a nice bit of perspective Christine, thank you!

Kerry said...

Or one big wee even - that's how a member at my SW group helped me feel better. You'll get there Wendy, don't get despondent.
Kerry x

Shauna said...

the scales are not always a reflection of your wonderful hard work! it WILL show up on the scales eventually but don't let it get you down for too long, you are really doing so amazingly well!

Sara Seahorse said...

if you have increased your exercise significantly this week after being relatively 'lazy' then the 0.5lb could be water retention

I too can be annoyed by a gain (I was two weeks ago with my 0.5lb) but I lost 4 then next week

stay at it!

I have been 100% on plan this week but feel bloated and am not expecting a loss

Kath said...

Wendy, it's so hard not to be discouraged when this happens, but I remember it happening to me when I first started doing this diet. I was devastated at the time, but I did find I had a much better loss the next week. Chin up - look at how well you've done so far. Have to be honest, you've been the inspiration for me trying again - so no pressure or anything, but you can't possibly get discouraged now!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy Lindsay here. i have been up and down on the scales loose a pound gain a pound you will loose that half pound and more next week. - Just think you have 2 dogs and daughter that will help you loose your weight plus school holidays with lots of activities to do.