Friday, 8 August 2008

Gok, Gok, Wherefore art thou, Gok?

Following on from my post about my clothes not fitting I have had a meander round the shops to see if I can pick up a few pieces. I came home empty handed because a: I don't really quite know what size I am, b: I'm not accustomed to shops other than Evans so I felt very much out of my comfort zone and c: I just don't know what suits me now!

I have established that fitted tops look good on me, enhancing the "hourglass" part of my shape. But I can't get much beyond that. I tried on a shirt in Dorothy Perkins that was fabulous - fitted in at the waist, slight flare over the hips, detailing at the bust to draw attention to my best (though shrinking away!) assets. And then the whole look was destroyed by the sleeves. Puff sleeves. That ended at the fattest part of my upper arms. My eye was drawn right there and they looked extra extra large surrounded by puff sleeves!

Undeterred, I find another nice fitted shirt, but this one lacked the detail that showed my best bits. OK it lacked the detail that showed my worst bits too, but why couldn't we have compromised! A couple of Tshirts later I was losing heart and didn't even bother with the trousers I had picked up.

Trousers. A whole other minefield. Too short or too long. Jeans are not a good look on me, but oh so practical, unless the hems are trailing in the puddles, which is most of the time since it's August! And then there's the whole gaping waist issue going on.

I really don't know what shape skirts I should be looking for, I mean I seriously have no clue. I've hidden away in dark trousers for so long. I do have a couple of skirts but I don't feel especially comfortable in them and can never wait to get them off and get comfy at the end of the day.

So what I need is a Gok in my pocket, to help me throw a few key pieces together and make me look fabulous right here and now!

Gok, if you're reading (if not, why not??) help me please!!


Christine said...

Seriously. I want to SMACK whoever at Dorothy Perkins decided to put puffed sleeves on everything! They look awful unless you're a stick insect. I feel your pain, lady.

As for Gok, my friend's 7 year old daughter is going to play my stylist tomorrow - I've got to go apartment hunting and so I have to play the part of "young professional". Unfortunately I don't own any clothes that fit me, least of all "young professional" clothes!! So I'm going to borrow some clothes from a friend and her daughter is going to tell us what looks good :D

Sara Seahorse said...

come shopping with me :)
you know you are welcome ot come visit anytime or I can meet you!
I will see if I can get Caroline too (my local mini-gok)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Christine -- as soon as I read "puff sleeves" in your post I thought waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah -- how dare they? !!

I didn't realise it gets even MORE complicated once we have options beyond Evans, not less complicated !!!

Sara Seahorse said...

Wendy said...

Thanks Sarah, will look at them later!

Kath said...

A Gok in Your Pocket. There's a marketing ploy in that somewhere!!

Loving your blog

Loth said...

If you have a store near you with a personal shopper, give that a go. They are free and are usually brilliant at picking stuff out for you that you would never have picked for yourself. I was collared by one once in Frasers - a nice if rather bossy lady - who whisked the skirt I was holding out of my hands with a "Tsk" and a shake of her head and she then gave me a completely different one in a shape I never wore but she was spot on. I loved it, it looked great AND it was in the sale!

Claire said...

I've just found your blog and it's very inspiring for someone who really should get motivated and tackle her excess!