Monday, 18 August 2008

Hang out the bunting!

Week 32

Weight: 17st 11lb
Loss this week: 4lb
Total lost: 70.5lb

Imagine me here doing a little happy dance - ok a big big happy dance! I smashed the 18st barrier that has held me back for so so long, and grabbed myself a shiny 5st award into the bargain - I bloody knew last week's gain was just an anomoly! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! (I was sort of singing that!)

I can't do a big flashy entry right now, sadly, because I have guests (and apparently my chilli is standing at number 1 on the leader board!). So I will return with a thoughtful and considered post in the next day or so.



Anonymous said...

Well done - you are such a loser!!!!!

Struthie xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations you can hang out the bunting!!


Christine said...



how amazing are you!?

Loth said...

That's fantastic, well done you. Now I feel guilty about that big bowl of apple crisp I made which is just out of the oven.....

nicnack31 said...

Well done you
I am a new reader to your blog, and loving it


Kath said...

Brilliant - well done you!!!! Onwards and downwards!