Sunday, 30 March 2008

On life.

What a lazy week in terms of exercise! It's the school holidays which means 99% of the time I'm not able to get "time off" to go to the gym. The 1% opportunity I had, I wasted - shame on me! I've been busy though. I've been teaching dd to swim, which has been frustrating and amazing in equal measure. Thankfully she starts proper swimming lessons next term, but I've managed to get her to the point where she is able to jump in and swim back to the side, can more or less doggy paddle a width, and can swim on her back for a length - all without armbands. Previously she relied entirely on armbands and nothing would persuade her that jumping in was a good idea so I'm thrilled with her progress. It's just every time she declares that she can't do it and grabs at my cossie that I find frustrating, because she *can* do it! Plus every time she grabs, she risks releasing my boobs for all the world to see...

I've also been busy clearing my mum's flat out. She has finally moved into a nursing home and I have to get her flat cleared and clean to hand the keys back. I've put anything worth saving on Freecycle and the rest I will have to get a man and van to clear to the tip for me. It's not a huge job because we only moved her into sheltered accommodation 12 months ago - now *that* was a hard job! She didn't get much chance to accumulate much clutter in the new place so it won't take much more clearing now. I'm trying to de clutter a bit at home too, so Freecycle is getting a lot of action from me! Some of it is being sneaked out behind dd's back though - kids always want whatever you are wanting to get rid of, whether they have played with it in the last year or not!

So how on earth can I make this post relate to my diet or fitness plan? Hmmmmmmm.Well, I got given a box of Celebrations chocs by a happy Freecycler, which of course I can't eat. OK, I've eaten 2. And told dd to hide the rest!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Week 11

Weight: 20st 2.5lb.
Loss this week: 2.5lb.
Total lost: 37lb

So somehow I survived Easter and managed a decent loss. I must confess to a couple of tiny indiscretions of a chocolatey nature over the weekend, but nothing that would cause serious damage! My willpower was rewarded with a 2 1/2st Award at class tonight, and since I'm a total sucker for a little sticker for my book, this is all the reward I need :-)

I took the opportunity tonight to chat to Heather about weight loss targets. I struggle to imagine what my ultimate target might be - I have no point of reference for how my body looks at 9st for example, because last time I was that weight was in primary school! I do however know that I am pretty hot at around 13st! Even so, that is deemed overweight and would therefore no doubt still leave me open to an increased risk of all those scary health issues, so ultimately I will be pushing to go to maybe 10st. I have expressed my wish to be 15st by Christmas, but I actually have a couple more immediate goals within sight. First of all I am going to be 19st something soon and that is sooooooo much better than 20 something!! And secondly, I had set myself an initial target of 50lb off, and that is a mere 13lb away! Less than a stone!

To end tonight's entry I am going to confess to having had a Chinese takeaway and I am feeling very full and sick now. Frankly, I regret it. But hey, I'm not going to let it ruin everything. Come the morning, my body will once more be a temple.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

How To Look Good....

It's interesting how quickly my clothes size is dropping. I was a 28 give or take - if anything some of my 28 stuff was getting a little snug. Now I seem to be wearing clothes labelled 22 and 24 - I even have a pair of jeans in 22 that fit!! But I've only lost around 35lbs. So conservatively that means a dress size every stone, but if that were to continue, I'd be a size zero by the time I got to 10st which is of course absurd! I wonder how that works then?

It's also weird how very quickly I've gone from choosing big baggy clothes that hide me, to preferring well fitted clothes that point neon arrows at my shape! Gok Wan would love me I think - I'm looking at my "rack" and thinking "yeah baby!" and I want the world to join me! Look at those bangers, look at my waist! Hey, look at my arse! (just don't look at my belly - if I ever get to meet Gok, it's my belly we'll be talking about!)

Monday, 17 March 2008

Pain is just weakness leaving the body!

Week 10

Weight: 20st 5lb.
Loss this week: 2lb.
Total lost: 34 1/2lb

I'm writing this entry ahead of today's weigh in so I will come back and add the weigh in result later!

I have just come home from the gym and I am absolutely flying - those endorphins are certainly very potent! So I thought I'd harness all that feel good factor and get it on paper. Oh, it's not paper! Well, you know what I mean anyway!

I went along on Saturday to meet my instructor and have him devise my personal programme. We began with a chat about health, diet, previous exercise and goals. I told him I wanted to lose around 10st and he laughed, I said "no, really, I weigh about 20st so I need to lose about 10 of 'em!" and he looked a bit surprised - I guess I should be flattered! So "To lose 10 st" is what is written on my training card under Goals. I may refine that - it isn't all about numbers on the scales for me, although clearly that's a big part of it. Scott (the instructor guy)has recommended drinking green tea in addition to the litres of water I already drink. Apparently it is good for fat burning. But tastes like a tree. Nice!

So then onto the machines - lots of cardiovascular stuff as I expected. My fear here was not having any stamina - I know I can do anything for 30 seconds, as at Curves, but keeping going on one piece of equipment for 10 or 15 minutes scares me.

Anyway, the first machine we went to is a weird cross breed between a cross trainer and a treadmill. And my goal for that machine is to burn 250 calories. It's OK though, I've got 4 weeks to build up to that! I think I may have got close to death while I burned 50 cals on Saturday while I learned how to use it. But, on the bright side, I used it today and managed 100 cals without dying. It took me 10 mins to do the 100 cals and you're only allowed on it for 20 mins at a time, so I'm going to have to pick my pace up to the 250 in the 20 mins.

The next step is to relearn how to walk on a floor that isn't seesawing.

Onto the exercise bike - the type where you are sat on a comfy seat, not a bike seat. I told Scott my legs may not be ready to go again quite yet, but actually, after the seesaw treadmill thingy it was a walk in the park - I have to do 5k on that and did 3k today so I guess I can expect to achieve that by the end of 4 weeks.

My old friend the treadmill was next - I used to be able to run for a couple of miles on the treadmill when I was much much younger and thinner. Now I am merely required to walk at a reasonable pace for 15 mins, with a 3% incline. That's OK, I only did 10 mins today but I'm not worried.

So have you heard of a Power Plate? Amy Winehouse has one and I believe Madonna likes them too, so they must be good! I have to do a series of squats and lunges on the power plate and I cannot believe how hard it is! Holding a deep squat for 30 seconds is quite hard anyway, but with 30 or 40 vibrations per second rocketing through your legs and into your brain is just hell! This is pretty much the point where Scott told me that pain is just weakness leaving the body. He should be careful, the dumb bells were right by my side, I could easily have reached one and thrown it at him....;-)

Talking of dumb bells, the next step is some bicep curls with the 4kg weights and some side arm raises with the 2kg weights. Ouch. Really, just ouch!

Nearly done now - 25kgs on the chest press machine, 3 sets of 15...I can't quite do all the sets yet, I may reduce the weight a bit. And then 2 or 3 mins at a low level on any of the cardio machines to cool down. I've chucked in the stretches I learnt at Curves too because I like doing them and I think I should!

I look forward to reading this post back in a few months and thinking "God, is that all I could manage??"

I didn't realise I had the endorphin thing going on until I was driving home feeling like I was bursting with joy! I was laughing out loud at one point. Well, it's either endorphins or insanity. You decide!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Choices, so many choices!

Well, after my last post, I went and signed up with one of the gyms I had previously visited and rejected. I chose it based on it's lovely swimming pool, lush changing room and showers, and the fact that there is no consumer credit agreement involved. Plus it was the cheapest due to me working for the NHS so that's a bonus!

After I picked dd up from school yesterday I took her there for a swim. I cannot begin to describe how brilliant that was - I've been fobbing her off for literally years - I never take her swimming any more! We splashed around in the pool for over an hour - she overcame her fear of jumping in and jumped in about 500 times - I think I swallowed half the pool before I realised that I would need to hold my breath as she jumped LOL! If I don't lose another ounce of weight, I still have something very special back - I think I might cry!!

Today I have an appointment with an instructor to devise my programme. And I've got a list of classes here to choose from - shall I try Salsacise, Spin, Hi-Lo, Pump FX, Swiss Ball, Pilates, Combat Conditioning, Hot Spot or Vive?? Does anyone know what they are??? Some of them sound a bit scary ;-)

I miss Curves horribly and I fear I may not be up to the kind of programme my instructor today will have in mind. But you know what? There's so much there to try that I can do a good work out several times a week without going near the damn treadmill!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Race for Life

A comment left by my brother on my Progress Pics post made me think.

"Keep up the good work and we'll run a marathon together next year !!!"

That's a pretty scary yet awesome idea actually. But I don't "do" running. I've only just started walking!! But my mind was gently turning on the idea, and since I am still gymless, I need an exercise plan of some kind.

Then, in one of those interesting flukes the universe throws in from time to time, I received an email inviting me to enter the Race For Life.

Well that's got to be a sign hasn't it? So I'm going to enter and aim to part run part walk the 5k. There's a 6 week training plan on the site, but I may take a little longer than that ;-)

Oh, and I'm tackling one of my other exercise goals this morning - I'm going for a swim :-)

Update on the swimming thing..

I swam. I did 22 lengths. But it was a frankly miserable experience. Communal changing rooms, a bunch of schoolkids changing in there after a swimming lesson, no door or even curtain for privacy in the get the picture. I enjoyed the actual swim, but where's the need for the freaking ritual humiliation???

So that's it. I am joining a gym with a nice pool, swanky changing room, and privacy in the bloody showers! And I'm doing it today!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Club 10!

Week 9

Weight: 20st 7lb.
Loss this week: 2lb.
Total lost: 32 1/2lb

As of today I have lost 10% of my body weight. That means a reduced risk of heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure and obesity related cancers. And that is why I'm doing it. So Yaaaaaaaaaay Me!

I was aiming for "Club 10" by April so I'm ahead of my game here. My other secret aim is to get to 15st by Christmas. So that gives me the best part of 9 months to lose 5st 7lb. I reckon I can do that! Mind you, I have experienced the very weird sensation of getting on the scales and expecting to see them read 22st 11 again! Like I'm going to get found out as a fraud or something LOL!

We had a tasting session at class tonight - everyone (nearly - I didn't make my recipe in time!) took along a dish and we all got to try a bit of everything. There was some very tasty food there - some things I didn't expect to like were very nice indeed! Maybe I'll post some recipes one day, or maybe I'll just post a lik to where you can find some - I'm lazy like that ;-)

I'm thinking of giving the link to this blog to my consultant, so Hi Heather! Heather is a great consultant - she is very inspirational and approachable. I think the size of her class and the enthusiasm of the members is a testament to how good she is at what she does. The right consultant can make all the difference to success or failure - trust me, I've seen a few, I know these things!

Friday, 7 March 2008

Progress pics

Early days yet, but since I have progress pics, I thought I'd show them!

November 2007:

March 2008:

I have to point out that these pics were all taken at the gym, and do not represent my usual style of dress :-)

The final curtain.

Today is the very last day Curves is open, so I will be headed out to there soon. I don't feel much like exercising, I was there last night, and I've just power-walked to school and back. Plus I've got a lot of housework to catch up with due to having too much fun this week! But I'll go because I can't not say Goodbye and thank you!

I've made some investigations and apparently I can actually sign the credit agreement for the gym I want to go to, because the sum involved is less than £500. The question remaining then is whether I can bring myself to do it...anyone who has been through bankruptcy would tell you they never want credit again! I feel quite sick at the thought of it, but at the same time I need my gym fix! DH has some money due imminently from a personal injuries claim - someone drove into the back of his car last year while he was instructing (he is a driving instructor) so my instinct is to wait for that money to come through and use some of that for the annual subscription. I don't want to lose momentum though!

The fun I've had this week has involved a shopping trip on my own to the Trafford Centre. On my own, no whining 6 year old preventing me from lingering in shops of my own choice! What bliss! And then yesterday I drove to Holmfirth to meet up with a friend for lunch and shopping and girly chat. Picked up some lovely charity shop bargains - clearly Holmfirth has a better class of charity shop than we do here.

Right, must go and say my goodbyes.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Ain't that a kick in the head!

I've just had a lovely morning. First my yoga class at 10, then off to my induction at my new gym which went really well. I seem to be fitter than I thought I was and I felt very happy as we headed back to reception to sign me up and fill in the direct debit form.


I can't sign. It's a consumer credit agreement if paying by monthly direct debit, and I can't sign a consumer credit agreement because I am bankrupt until June. And I can't pay the lump sum because it's just beyond my means...I can spare £22 a month from my tight budget, I can't find a spare £240 lying around.

They've given me a free 7 day pass which is good of them, obviously for while I sort it out. But I don't know quite how I'm going to do that at this point.

Watch this space, I'll bounce back later as I always do!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Killer heels!

Week 8

Weight: 20st 9lb.
Loss this week: 2lb.
Total lost: 30 1/2lb

I am feeling very happy indeed with a 2lb loss this week because I had a night out on Friday that involved alcohol and curry. Lots and lots of both....! I feel like I have got away with it scot free here, but of course the fact is it may yet catch up with me. My only defence against that happening is to be 100% on track. Luckily I was able to get back on track on Saturday morning, no problem at all. I seemed to have shaken off the shackles of pointless guilt and the feeling of a week already blown, leading to a weekend of binging. I hope this shiny new attitude can see me through another 150lb or so!

Did I tell you about my lovely new shoes though? I went shoe shopping on Friday, in theory for some nice shoes that would be equally fine for doing the shopping, or for going out for a curry. But I fell in love with a pair with huge heels! I never wear high heels, I've been a nurse for 22 years and that has caused a lifelong love affair with comfy shoes. But these shoes reached out to me and made me desire them. I wanted to be 3 inches taller than usual, with shapely ankles and calves. And I didn't care if my feet hurt! But my purse wept and begged for mercy when I saw the price tag, so I went home with no shoes. Lucky for me my lovely dh was at home, and saw me arrive empty handed. "Not a very successful shopping trip!" he remarked. Oh I found shoes I said, but I couldn't afford them. So he offered to buy them for me, an early birthday present!! (it is my birthday in a couple of weeks) I protested that he couldn't afford them either for, oh, about 3 seconds, before letting him take me back to town where I very quickly had my shiny gorgeous shoes in my hand.

By midnight on Friday my feet were blistered and my ankles ached with the stress of elevation. But I love those shoes, and my feet will just have to adjust!