Monday, 3 March 2008

Killer heels!

Week 8

Weight: 20st 9lb.
Loss this week: 2lb.
Total lost: 30 1/2lb

I am feeling very happy indeed with a 2lb loss this week because I had a night out on Friday that involved alcohol and curry. Lots and lots of both....! I feel like I have got away with it scot free here, but of course the fact is it may yet catch up with me. My only defence against that happening is to be 100% on track. Luckily I was able to get back on track on Saturday morning, no problem at all. I seemed to have shaken off the shackles of pointless guilt and the feeling of a week already blown, leading to a weekend of binging. I hope this shiny new attitude can see me through another 150lb or so!

Did I tell you about my lovely new shoes though? I went shoe shopping on Friday, in theory for some nice shoes that would be equally fine for doing the shopping, or for going out for a curry. But I fell in love with a pair with huge heels! I never wear high heels, I've been a nurse for 22 years and that has caused a lifelong love affair with comfy shoes. But these shoes reached out to me and made me desire them. I wanted to be 3 inches taller than usual, with shapely ankles and calves. And I didn't care if my feet hurt! But my purse wept and begged for mercy when I saw the price tag, so I went home with no shoes. Lucky for me my lovely dh was at home, and saw me arrive empty handed. "Not a very successful shopping trip!" he remarked. Oh I found shoes I said, but I couldn't afford them. So he offered to buy them for me, an early birthday present!! (it is my birthday in a couple of weeks) I protested that he couldn't afford them either for, oh, about 3 seconds, before letting him take me back to town where I very quickly had my shiny gorgeous shoes in my hand.

By midnight on Friday my feet were blistered and my ankles ached with the stress of elevation. But I love those shoes, and my feet will just have to adjust!


Zerosugar said...

Wendy ! We need to see these shoes woman!!
Get thee a picture on here . Just catching up with all this after seeing your link on UKPL... Well done, My god how did you manage to lose so much without me noticing?
I am in awe , and very jealous lol.
We miss you over on the other site you know *sob*
love you xxx

Wendy said...

Hi Zero, how fabby to see you on my little blogette!

I will photograph my shoes ASAP and post them so everyone can love them.

I miss you too.

Love and kisses to you and to all on the "other site"


Claire Wood-Glasby said...


How much weight have you lost?!

That is very, very cool...keep going.

Claire x

Sara Seahorse said...

much looking forward to seeing shoes!

Sillie said...

Hey Wendy, you're doing SO well - an inspiration to a lazy sod like me!

Keep it up, and WELL DONE!

Rachel x