Saturday, 22 March 2008

How To Look Good....

It's interesting how quickly my clothes size is dropping. I was a 28 give or take - if anything some of my 28 stuff was getting a little snug. Now I seem to be wearing clothes labelled 22 and 24 - I even have a pair of jeans in 22 that fit!! But I've only lost around 35lbs. So conservatively that means a dress size every stone, but if that were to continue, I'd be a size zero by the time I got to 10st which is of course absurd! I wonder how that works then?

It's also weird how very quickly I've gone from choosing big baggy clothes that hide me, to preferring well fitted clothes that point neon arrows at my shape! Gok Wan would love me I think - I'm looking at my "rack" and thinking "yeah baby!" and I want the world to join me! Look at those bangers, look at my waist! Hey, look at my arse! (just don't look at my belly - if I ever get to meet Gok, it's my belly we'll be talking about!)

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