Saturday, 15 March 2008

Choices, so many choices!

Well, after my last post, I went and signed up with one of the gyms I had previously visited and rejected. I chose it based on it's lovely swimming pool, lush changing room and showers, and the fact that there is no consumer credit agreement involved. Plus it was the cheapest due to me working for the NHS so that's a bonus!

After I picked dd up from school yesterday I took her there for a swim. I cannot begin to describe how brilliant that was - I've been fobbing her off for literally years - I never take her swimming any more! We splashed around in the pool for over an hour - she overcame her fear of jumping in and jumped in about 500 times - I think I swallowed half the pool before I realised that I would need to hold my breath as she jumped LOL! If I don't lose another ounce of weight, I still have something very special back - I think I might cry!!

Today I have an appointment with an instructor to devise my programme. And I've got a list of classes here to choose from - shall I try Salsacise, Spin, Hi-Lo, Pump FX, Swiss Ball, Pilates, Combat Conditioning, Hot Spot or Vive?? Does anyone know what they are??? Some of them sound a bit scary ;-)

I miss Curves horribly and I fear I may not be up to the kind of programme my instructor today will have in mind. But you know what? There's so much there to try that I can do a good work out several times a week without going near the damn treadmill!

Wish me luck!

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Sara Seahorse said...

"Salsacise, Spin, Hi-Lo, Pump FX, Swiss Ball, Pilates, Combat Conditioning, Hot Spot or Vive??"

all sounds a bit kinky to me!