Monday, 14 April 2008


Week 14

Weight: 19st 11.5lb.
Loss this week: 0lb.
Total lost: 42lb

Readers of a masculine or delicate disposition may like to avert their eyes for today's post!

I have had my first maintain this week but I'm fine with that because I got weighed with a belly full of Nando's chicken and Starbucks coffee. I've had a very girly day shopping in Leeds with my friend Nic, where she introduced me to the wonderful Bravissimo.

As a "woman of size" pretty lingerie has eluded me for years! In many shops the only bra I would be offered was the miserable Doreen , the name telling you all you need to know frankly (apologies to any lovely Doreens out there!)

So imagine my excitement today when I was shown not one, but a selection of dainty pretty bras that fit beautifully! My size was assessed by a lady who needed no tape measures - one look at me in my 44F, and she came bearing a 38G that fit like a glove! Genius! Because of the ongoing healthy eating and exercise regime it was sensible to buy only 1 very expensive gorgeous bra, so I chose one called Fairylights - you know right away that this bears no resemblance to a Doreen! I also bought 3 floaty camisole tops that make me feel so, well, sexy actually!

It's amazing how gorgeous lingerie changes the way you feel about yourself. No one knows it's there but it makes you smile and move with self confidence. Anyone who thinks they can't get sexy flimsies - get your boobs down to Bravissimo and experience this feeling - it's better than chocolate!


Loth said...

It really is amazing how good a nice bra THAT ACTUALLY FITS makes you feel (and look). I see so many women who are clearly wearing the wrong size bra and want to walk up to them and tell them. Except they would assume I was some pervy stalker-type so I don't. Much. Anyway, enjoy your fairylights!

Mrsp said...

Hurrah for bangers!.
Did you try them on as soon as you got home?, or is that just me!.
How exciting. Is it great to know that you can feel and look like a Kitten?. MEOW
Have a wonderful week.

Jacquie said...

Wendy, it's "nana" here! :) I have just read through your blog and it's been so much fun! I'm on a very similar journey to you...have shed just over 6 stone in the last couple of years....3 stone of that since mid-Nov. It does feel so so so good!

I offer you much encouragement and success. You sound as bubbly and positive as I remember you to be...and I have been infected with the same dose of reality check! Thus the obesity challenge too!

I haven't begun any strenuous exercise as yet (walking is all and I have just had my bathing suit "remodelled" a bit so swimming is next on the cards!).

I've achieved my most recent weight loss via the NHS "Weight Management " 10 week perk and a gold star for the NHS. I'm on the waiting list for the "Activity for Life" exercise sessions too...but there are long waiting lists.

Keep up the good work Wendy. You're doing wonderful...and your self-esteem is right up there! Good for you. Jacquie x

Wendy said...

Loth, I am getting the same urge - it's like evangelism for breasts!

Mrs P of course I tried them on as soon as I got home - how could I not? I won't embarrass you by telling you how long I managed to keep them on for though.....;-)

Jacquie, you are doing amazingly, well done!I bet you feel a new woman!

Anonymous said...

I always use Beau Dame Lingerie for pretty bra's and swimwear as they always have my size as I am a 36FF. I haven’t been able to find swimwear in my size for so long and I have just bought a beautiful Amalfi Tankini that fits perfectly! prices are great too! hope this helps you