Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Week 12

Weight: 20st 1.5lb.
Loss this week: 1lb.
Total lost: 38lb

I'm a day late posting this, apologies if anyone was sat with baited breath awaiting this week's weigh in result LOL!

OK so 1lb off. I shouldn't be disappointed but I am. 1lb is just such a tiny tiny amount of what I have to lose. But I wasn't 100% on plan this last week if I'm honest. We went out for a curry last Wednesday and the rules flew out the window faster than you can say "Peshwari Naan please"! And then of course there was that Chinese after last week's weigh in that I didn't especially enjoy and actually I was up half the night with terrible heartburn. I've never regretted eating something so much! This week after weigh in I made my own healthy Sweet & Sour chicken with boiled rice. It was nicer, didn't make me ill and won't cause disappointment on the scales next week. Lesson learnt!

So now I'm back 100%. I get a lot of support from a forum dedicated to Slimming World, and this week a Boot Camp challenge has begun. The rules include posting a daily food and exercise diary and I think this will be good for me, it's all to easy to let things start to slip so this will keep me focussed on the task in hand, and is fun too. I recommend this site to anyone who wants to follow the plan, whether a member of SW or not.

So I'm aiming for a minimum of 2lbs off this week - I want to see those scales say 19st something next Monday. Bring it on!


Loth said...

If you can manage to lose a pound in a week where you sort of lose sight of the wagon, that is a result! It all adds up. Onwards and downwards!

Sara Seahorse said...

well done for the 1lb loss

I want just 0.5lb this week as last week my 4stone award was out of reach for just that 0.5lb

1lb is a great loss so don't be disappointed - just remember what a pound looks like - its a big lump!! two blocks of butter