Monday, 7 April 2008


Week 13

Weight: 19st 11.5lb.
Loss this week: 4lb.
Total lost: 42lb

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I'm thrilled tonight - I not only passed the 20st mark, I destroyed it, picking up a nifty 3 stone award and Slimmer of the Week along the way! I will never weigh 20st again. If I do, shoot me!

I may have acquired a whole new audience tonight - hello to all the lovely ladies in my group who wrote this address down! Lovely of you to come, please bear with me while I overcome the slight self consciousness I am now feeling! In the meantime, enjoy the rest of my little bloggety blog!

I might go and have a celebratory drink now - Cheers!


Loth said...

Congratulations! That noise you can hear? Me, standing on my chair, applauding! (I'm getting down now, my husband is looking at me oddly....)

Rachel/Sillie said...

Well done! We need some more progress pics!

crazy said...

WOOT and welldone!

you are doing so well!

and if a little celebratory drink is needed, make it a gin/vodka and slimline tonic (so you get the celeb alcohol with min bad stuff...)

wtg you!

One to many said...

Hi just stumbled on you blog and wanted to say well done on your weight loss. Ive been on slimming world for a six weeks now and really enjoying it. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Well done! A real milestone.
Keep it up!

Another Wendy

Sara Seahorse said...

Wendy you rock!

I have just updated my primitive version of your xls I put together
averaging 3.23 lb loss a week

42 lb in 13 weeks
you have exceeded the 2lb a week pattern by 16lb :)

did you get your club 10 too?

Mrsp said...
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Mrsp said...

Mrs P had a rethink about saying well done. What I really want to ask is....'Have you still got an ear to ear grin?'. If not, why not?, it's got to be great Body Magic when accompanied by a celebratory dance around the kitchen when no one's in!.
Think you're great. x

Wendy said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments :-) Loth you made me laugh out loud, literally - that's always good. Rachel, more pics are planned for when I have lost 4st - I don't want anyone looking and wondering whether there's really any diference ;-) Sara, I reached Club 10 aaaaaaages ago! Surely I told you when that happened! If not, it's in here somewhere! Your xls has given me the idea or my next post - cheers! And Mrs P I seem to have developed one of those little secret smug smiles that makes people wonder what you're up to! It may wear off soon, but probably not!