Monday, 28 April 2008

Week 16

Weight: 19st 4.5lb.
Loss this week: 3lb.
Total lost: 49lb

Woohoooo, I reached my 3 1/2st award tonight! I wasn't expecting it actually. I'm a bit of a secret scale hopper and as of this morning I thought I had maintained and was feeling a tad despondent. So I was extra chuffed when I saw the scales tonight!

So apparently this averages out at 3.0625lbs a week, and has taken my BMI from 53.2 on 7th Jan to 45 today! Oh, and my 15st by Christmas date is currently at 13th October!! I have several other ways of looking at the stats if you're Bit bored actually? OK then, I'll spare you ;-)

If I didn't have to go to work in half an hour I would write an interesting post, so the NHS shoulders the blame for the poor quality of this one. Luckily the NHS has broad shoulders and can take it.


Loth said...


Another Wendy said...

Go Wendy!
It's fantastic that you are maintaining your loss at such a rate. Just think - nearly 50lb!!!!
Time for more photo's?

Sillie said...

Well done! So happy for you!

Chrissy said...

How great is that? Well done you!Actually I am using your story for my inspiration!! I lost 4 pounds this week and was slimmer of the week so I was chuffed with that. In the past I have lost motivation really quickly but I am hanging in there this time!! I want to be able to fit in a plane seat without having to have a seatbelt extension by September so I am staying motivated. I also looove Per Una clothes at M&S so thats my other goal to fit into size 18!
See you in class on Monday.

Wendy said...

Chrissy well done on SOTW and 4lb off!

And I'm so with you on Per Una :-)