Saturday, 5 April 2008

Chocolate, Chocolate, everywhere!

I've no sooner survived Easter, than I'm taking dd and her friend to Cadbury World for the day last Thursday! I must be mad, how is a person supposed to survive such a full on chocolatey experience without either caving or going mad! We came home with our body weight in free chocolate, indeed I have just this minute eaten half a bag of Chocolate Buttons (4 syns!) but actually I was pretty restrained on the day. I managed to eat only a Curly Wurly and a little bit of liquid chocolate, which didn't put me over my syn allowance by much, if at all! I guess this is one of the great joys of the Slimming World plan - it has enough flexibility built in to allow the odd naughty treat! Hopefully the scales on Monday will bear that out!

I seem to be undergoing some kind of transformation at the moment. At 41 years old I am slowly but surely developing an enjoyment of cooking and creating delicious meals. I used to firmly hate cooking and time spend in the kitchen was time wasted. But without a doubt the tide is turning and so much so that this morning I was saying to dh that I'd like to go to a cookery course at the local college! Wow! This is great news because being interested in cooking surely has to make it much easier to prepare healthy, delicious and varied meals. I've always preferred fresh ingredients to processed foods, but I'm taking it up a level now and it's all good. Plus dd is now learning to cook with me which is brilliant. It's fun seeing her choose which herbs to try in our spaghetti bolognaise. And it makes me smile when she has a little taste of a work in progress and declares it a good sauce LOL! I wish someone had taught me to cook at 6 years old!

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Loth said...

Oh well done on surviving Cadbury's intact! That takes real commitment! And doubly well done on getting into the cooking with dd. That will stand her in very good stead in future years (the popular kids at Uni were the ones who could produce something better than Pot Noodle and instant mash!) I keep saying I must do the same with my own two but it always seems quicker to do it myself. I will try harder! Have a good week.