Thursday, 12 February 2009

Food Heaven

I'm loving this week! In order to rise to the challenge of eating more Speed and Super Speed foods I've immersed myself in recipe books and I've meal planned to within an inch of my life! I'm not normally a meal planner at all. I'm not very organised and I tend to cook what fits in with my time / energy level / preferences at any given time. So I've not been too rigid about this, I've selected 7 meals that vary in complexity and am cooking them in an order that suits me at any given time.

So far this week I have made Chicken Fajitas from the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food book, Chicken Dopiaza from this month's SW magazine, and Strawberry Dream from my SW class. Still to come is homemade fish pie (which should do 2 nights), homemade leek and potato soup, and the old standby 3 Bean Chilli which will definitely do 2 nights! And last night it was a rushed sort of night so it was a simple tuna, sweetcorn, salad and jacket spud tea!

I don't normally do puddings, I tend to think if I want dessert then a Muller Light and some fruit will suffice. But I have to say the Strawberry Dream has re-opened my eyes to the joy that sweet stuff can bring! For those who didn't see me talk about it on Facebook, here's the recipe:

Punnet of Strawberries
Lemon or Lime sugar free jelly crystals
3 plain digestive biscuits
500g very low fat cottage cheese

Smash the biscuits to smithereens and press into the base of a serving dish (go deep rather than wide when choosing the dish!)

Chop up half the strawberries and cover the biscuit base.

Dissolve the jelly crystals in 1/4 pint boiling water. Make up to half a pint using cold water. Add the cottage cheese and blend. Pout the mixture over the strawberry and biscuit base, put in fridge to set for 2 hours.

Use the remaining strawberries to decorate the top of the set dessert.

This is supposed to serve 4, at 3.5 syns per serving, but they would be massive servings! I'd say it would easily serve 6, if not more really. I'm thinking it would be nice with a blob of Total 0% Greek Yoghurt on the side too.

Tell me about your low syn puddings!

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Lakeland Jo said...

sounds lovely- can't wait til I can eat real food again!!