Monday, 16 February 2009

Finally Lost The Baby Weight!

Week 58

Weight: 17st 1lb
Loss This Week: 4lb
Total lost: 80.5lb

Woohoo! A landmark week. I've now got a BMI in the thirties (my BMI is less than my age - woohoo!), I weigh less than 240lbs, it's the lowest weight I've been since about 2001 before I had Rebecca, and ... hang on a sec, I think I just spotted another one.... yes! I've lost around 25% of my body weight! (anyone who fancies checking the maths on that is most welcome - I'm not known for my mathematical genius!)

I knew this was a good week. My highly unreliable bathroom scales showed a loss every time I stood on them, in fact if I had kept on standing on them, I may have been 9st by tonight! So the Speed Food thing worked well for me. That and the meal planning. Without a shadow of a doubt, I shall be meal planning this week too.

This is a big cliche, but this week I read the book again. My friend Paula started SW last week (and lost 5lb - well done Paula!), so I was going over things with her which brought a few things nicely back to my attention. For example bananas and grapes are free foods but not Speed Foods, whereas most other fruits are Speed Foods. I had been eating a lot of bananas and grapes, and it was clear to see that they are the not the wisest of fruits to eat in abundance. So I changed to oranges, melons and strawberries, and the results speak for themselves. I also realised I should be trying to eat more fish (something I did eat a lot of while pregnant so me eating fish makes Mark go a little pale.....) so I had 3 fish based meals this week, and surpsingly enjoyed them.

So here's to another great week, and hopefully a new landmark as I drop in the 16st bracket!


Loth said...

Congratulations m'dear, and well done. Off to eat some fruit now instead of the chocolate truffles in the fridge!

Annie said...

Wow - well done! What a fantastic achievement. I've been doing SW for a few weeks now, and it's things like this that remind me it works, keep at it.

Lakeland Jo said...

good for you. watching your progress with interest. I get weighed tonight so will report in later!!
Paying attention to those small details does make a difference for sure.

rosiero said...

Corr, you are doing well. I am in awe! Keep it up.

rosiero said...

I have tagged you. Hope you can spare the time.