Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hills, Snow and Karma

Week 56

Weight: 17st 6.5lb
Gain This Week: 0.5lb
Total lost: 76lb

*Sigh* Another week, another rubbish result. I was good as gold all week so I'm hoping that will show in the scale next week then! Anyone who knows me on Facebook would have seen my status towards the end of last week say "I have to have lost a few pounds this week, I can feel it!" so it's fair to say I had no idea what was coming when I stood on the scale! I'm not letting it get me down, I'm learning that these things happen sometimes!

I've done some good exercise this week, walking loads, and on Sunday we chucked the dogs in the car and headed for the hills for a change and had a lovely hour walking up hill and down dale, across muddy fields and amazing views. OMG the wind as we went up the hills, it nearly blew us off our feet a few times!!

Anyway, to enter the field at the start of the walk, we had to climb over a stile, and the dogs ducked under. When we came to leave, my great big lump of a dog decided he couldn't possibly duck under. So he dug his heels in. I tried to coax him through, no good. I tried to pull him through by his harness, no good, his harness shockingly just slipped off over his head - not what I need it to do. Tried to get him to go over the stile, nope. A degree of anxiety was setting in at this point. We hadn't seen another human for quite some time, I didn't have my mobile phone with me to summon up another adult pair of hands, and it was starting to snow! (He's a very big strong dog - when he doesn't want to move, he doesn't move!)

In the end Rebecca had to stand behind him and shove, while I stood in front and literally hauled his front legs through - it was like a farmer pulling a calf out of a cow :lol: (apologies to the readers who may have read that story elsewhere this week - I don't necessarily have enough material to be unique and exclusive all the time. Or ever really!)

This snow has caused it's share of aches and pains. My legs are aching as though I had done a 10k run (not that I'd know what that was like!) and yesterday I fell over on the ice no less than 5 times over the course of the day. The final time was when I was walking to work. Over I went, flat on my back, bruising my coccyx nicely. I was rescued by a good hearted stranger who turned her car around on the ice rink loosely termed a road, and drove me safely to work. I don't know who she is, but I hope her kindness is rewarded in spades by the Good Karma Fairy.


Jim Purdy said...

A lot of adventures there. :)

rosiero said...

Had to laugh at your dog not wanting to move over or under the stile. Snoopy gets like that sometimes, but at least I can just about manage to lift him if necessary. So sorry you fell on the ice but how nice of that stranger to not only pick you up but drive you to work - there are still some nice people about!

Lakeland Jo said...

bad luck with the weight. Keep at it, just when you are about to give in you will see it comes off in a big lump. Honest!

Fat4Now said...