Monday, 26 January 2009

The Hippopotamus Is Now Smiling!

Week 55

Weight: 17st 6lb
Loss This Week: 1.5lb
Total lost: 75.5lb

A result that can only be explained by a miracle!

Thank you to those of you who replied to my last entry. I think writing it was cathartic because I pretty much got my head back in gear straight after, and a few well aimed kicks from you guys have certainly helped! Turns out I was indeed hormonal, and add into the mix the fact that it's January, and therefore a very long time since the pre Christmas payday, so I haven't been able to go and fill a trolley with delicious healthy food and I can see why I let it get me down. I get paid on Wednesday, and have got lots of yummy recipes lined up to keep me excited for this week.

Because laughter is the best medicine I'm going to just leave you with a clip from this week's Dancing on Ice. If you are in the UK you must have seen it by now, but enjoy it again anyway!

Or I would, if only I could work out how to post it on here!

Just go to Youtube and enjoy. And if anyone can help me out with the technical know how (cos I am following the instructions given on!!) I would be mighty grateful!


spyfox said...

thanks for that!! had heard about it on the radio this morning, but hadn't seen it yet. :) glad you are in better form today :)

Fat4Now said...


weird thing is that for now everyone laughing and saying fair play to him for giving it a go.

Give it a month when the backbiting starts and the media and the judges start moaning that better performers getting voted out ala SCD


Wendy said...

Paul, it's asJason said yesterday on This Morning - at this stage of the game you have to be noticed - whether it's for being brilliant like Ray, or terrible like Todd. The ones in the middle don't get remembered so they don't get votes.

As long as no one who could have won leaves because he's still in it's all good I think. Mind you, Philip Schofield said he thinks we could see Todd's Bolero! That is a scary thought...

Kath said...

Love it. And I'm glad your head is in gear because mine seems to be freewheeling right now! Never mind. It will get better. Honest.