Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Just a Fling?

Week 54

Weight: 17st 7.5lb
Loss This Week: 0lb
Total lost: 74lb

I stayed the same?? I stayed the bleeding same? Huh! Not only did I stick 100% to The Plan, but I had a 24 hour vomiting bug which probably negated everything I ate for the previous 3 days!

And I stayed the same.

OK, a maintain I can deal with. It's ok, it's not a weird random gain. It may be worth me stepping away from the joy of Extra Easy though, and going back to my trusty old green days, maybe keep the exciting stuff for special occasions.

It's as though I'm married to Green, and having a little extra-marital fling with Extra Easy! It's fun, glamorous and exciting but it's not the kind of plan you can take home to meet your parents ;)


rosiero said...

How annoying, but at least it's not a gain!

Sara Seahorse said...

i had maintain my second week on extra easy

Maribeth said...

Oh my dear, it happens to the best of us. Last October I had a four week period of gain, stay the same, gain, etc. I was so ripped. Then I cracked down, wrote down literally ever frigging thing I ate and bam, it worked and I started losing again.

Lakeland Jo said...

Its so frustrating when you have been a saint and nothing happens...but I am sure it is the body re-adjusting itself and next time you will lose loads. Stay strong and focussed.
I am on day nine of my diet and doing well. Get weighed on Saturday. its a tough tough programme but it is getting quick results