Monday, 5 January 2009

End of Part One

Week 52

Weight: 17st 12lb
Loss This Week: 4lb
Gain lost: 69.5lb

Week 52! Wow, that's a whole year of Slimming World! That's huge!

I can take on the world, and win!

I'm delighted with my loss this week, not least because the weekend was somewhat.....celebratory..... teehee! But I was good as gold for the first half of the week, and I did try to moderate myself even when I was swimming in alcohol. Honest!

Going back to my last entry, I did give the Extra Easy a go in the end, and I liked it! I'm definitely going with it this week, because I suspect it will actually be very beneficial. For example, I had a late lunch, more of a brunch, of egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms and beans and I was just totally full for the rest of the day. I didn't need to snack at all, and I only needed a light meal later. So I ate lots less than usual. Which may be why it works.

I'm working on my "move more" resolution - my wonderful brother got us a Wii Fit for Christmas and I've been playing on it since yesterday. Initially I thought it seemed easy and doubted the possibility of actually improving my fitness. But a few goes on the hula hooping had me near collapsed so I've reviewed my opinion and fully expect to get very fit indeed! I have awesome balance apparently and am brilliant at the Yoga poses. Good to know :) (Rebecca thinks my little fat Mii is hilarious!)

I need to rest now. I've promised Rebecca I'll pull her to school on her sledge in the morning if it's still snowy. I need to get my strength up!


Struthie said...

Well done on the 4lbs loss!

You are doing really well Wendy,enjoy your wii,its great fun!

Loth said...

Can I put in a selfish request for a full review of what you think of the Wii fit? I am seriously considering asking for one for my birthday in May if, IF it is actually any good. Over to you.

Wendy said...

Loth I will certainly do that, I will give it a week or two and get onto it for you!

Lakeland Jo said...

I am with Loth.I am seriously thinknig of buying it to so I would like to see what you think. Well done on your 4lb- brilliant. A friend of mine has just lost 3 stone on SW

Shauna said...

KICK ASS! How quick did that year go!??? Well done you legend you :)