Monday, 12 January 2009

Part Two!

Week 53

Weight: 17st 7.5lb
Loss This Week: 4.5lb
Gain lost: 74lb

It works, it really works! Extra Easy was my plan of choice all this week and look at the result! I felt pretty confident all week too, until I was in the queue for the scales, and then I started thinking "Oh god, what if I have gained weight? I can't believe I could lose weight when I've eaten meat and rice on the same plate!" Obviously it is possible! Witchcraft.

I haven't had time to blog during this week because I've been buried under a mountain of clutter. I foolishly decided that I wanted to make the spare room into a play room. To do that I first had to move all the stuff already in the spare room to somewhere else. To do that, I had to empty the cupboard under the stairs, and the stuff from there had to move to - well, you can see how it escalated! It wasn't until late Saturday that we reached the stage where we could get toys moved into the new play room, and it took until Sunday lunchtime to sort out the resulting shockwaves on just about every other room in the house. I've been to the tip, I'e freecycled, I've been to the charity shop, I've been to the recycling bins. And my house doesn't seem to have much less stuff in. Bizarre! Now I just need to sort out the toys in the way that a mother can do only when her child is out of the house!

I have had requests for a review of the Wii Fit, which I have to say I love a lot. I will make that my next entry later this week, assuming I survive the Great Toy Cull of 2009!


Loth said...

Oh yes, you can only tidy efficiently when the kids are absent, otherwise you have to deal with the tearful hysterics at the prospect of losing one half of a broken toy that came with a Happy Meal 3 years ago and has just been discovered down the back of the chest of drawers. Well done on the loss (impressive!) and I look forward to the Wii fit review.

Anonymous said...

Toy cull!!! Sounds fun!

Well done on your loss this week, so many seem to be sceptical about this new plan but you've proved it works :o)

Freecycle is wonderful don't you think??