Saturday, 24 January 2009

What can make a hippopotamus smile?

What can make a hippopotamus smile?
What can make him walk for more than a mile?
It's not a party with a paper hat.
Or cake and candy that will make him fat.
That's not what hippos do!

They ooze in the gooze without any shoes.
They wade in the water 'til their lips turn blue.
That's what hippos do!

This is the cute song my lovely daughter has been singing a lot this week. But it tells you a lot about how things have been for me when I tell you that she changed the first line to "What can make my grumpy mummy smile?"

I don't know whether I've been really hormonal (I ought to keep track of these things!) but I've been awful - snappy, tired, and oh my god the hunger! Pasta Queen Jeanette talks about food addiction and describes trigger foods as those into which you usually find yourself plunging face first. This is a very graphic representation of how I have felt about food this week. I have fantasised about plunging face first into certain foods. And although I have resisted doing that, I haven't resisted much else.

Today I am mostly hating myself and wondering whether I can keep doing this. Right now it just feels futile. I haven't actually lost weight since August, if you add up all those losses and gains. I get so many "Your an inspiration!" type comments, and I'm so not! I had high hopes that a New Year would revitalise me, and January isn't even over yet and I've lost it. God I'm a fraud!

OK I don't do self pity, and I don't want to start, so I'm going to stop whining right now.

To end this crappy entry on a high, let me just say a HUGE Congratulations!! to Bryher, who made it to target this week, losing 6st 9lbs in just 362 days. Now that lady is an inspiration!


rosiero said...

OK, so you have reached a a plateau, But you have lost 74 pounds which is a hell of a lot. I "only" need to lose about 24 pounds and I can't even get the first pound shifted. Why? Because every time I think about dieting, I want chocolate ....door-frame-sized bars of it!! So I think you have done very well. Keep to your plateau. Don't necessarily even think about dieting for a while, but just eat sensibly. Enjoy the freedom it brings, Give it a few weeks or months (when the warmer weather will be here - hopefully) and then start again to lose a bit more. How does that sound?

Maribeth said...

Okay. Now that you have had your pity party, it's time to get to work. I know how you feel. I have lost 54 pounds. It took me a year to do and it was not a straight down hill event. I had months of not going anywhere, even though I was being so good!
But I persevered. You can too! I know you can. Try some new recipes. Try eating different things. Watch your carbs, eat more veggies and if you are already eating too many of them, mix it up and try some new ones!
You can do this!!!!

Kath said...

I know exactly how you are feeling, as I'm in a very similar position. BUT. I'm not giving up, and neither should you. We can do this!! Yes, we can!!!! Just call me Bob the Builder.

You've done great so far - twould be a real shame to shrug and say "no more" when you've done so well. So don't.

Isabelle said...

You've lost 74 pounds and you hate yourself???????

I've only just popped over from Loth and I think that is so fab. I wish I hated myself that much!

spyfox said...

hey girl, i know you do slimming world, and i don't know anything about that plan. me doing weight watchers, whenever i felt/feel like that, i go back to basics. count every point, write everything down i eat, keep up the exercise, drink water when i feel hungry, etc. etc. you know you don't want to put the weight back on. you are NOT a fraud by any means... you CAN do this, you WILL do this, hmmm, what other ways can i give you a *kick* :))) if it's a nice day this week, get out for a walk, it DOES make you feel better, i promise. have a good week :))

Wendy said...

Thank you ladies :-)

My ass is duly kicked and normal service has resumed.

It turned out to be hormonal - must make a note in my diary!