Monday, 24 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Week 11

Weight: 20st 2.5lb.
Loss this week: 2.5lb.
Total lost: 37lb

So somehow I survived Easter and managed a decent loss. I must confess to a couple of tiny indiscretions of a chocolatey nature over the weekend, but nothing that would cause serious damage! My willpower was rewarded with a 2 1/2st Award at class tonight, and since I'm a total sucker for a little sticker for my book, this is all the reward I need :-)

I took the opportunity tonight to chat to Heather about weight loss targets. I struggle to imagine what my ultimate target might be - I have no point of reference for how my body looks at 9st for example, because last time I was that weight was in primary school! I do however know that I am pretty hot at around 13st! Even so, that is deemed overweight and would therefore no doubt still leave me open to an increased risk of all those scary health issues, so ultimately I will be pushing to go to maybe 10st. I have expressed my wish to be 15st by Christmas, but I actually have a couple more immediate goals within sight. First of all I am going to be 19st something soon and that is sooooooo much better than 20 something!! And secondly, I had set myself an initial target of 50lb off, and that is a mere 13lb away! Less than a stone!

To end tonight's entry I am going to confess to having had a Chinese takeaway and I am feeling very full and sick now. Frankly, I regret it. But hey, I'm not going to let it ruin everything. Come the morning, my body will once more be a temple.


Anonymous said...

Well done Wendy are an your comment of looking pretty hot at 13st ....if I can help at all give me a shout ...otherwise sucking up the inspiration lots of love Fiona xxx

Anonymous said...

You are doing fantastically well!

We are very similar - apart from having the same name, we are both doing SW & the same age.

I started at 19 st 5 lb & have lost 27.5 lb (yippee!) since Christmas. It's a very long road though......

I'm glad you're enjoying the gym. I've got a hernia repair to get through before I can do much more than walk - it's very painful - but once that's out of the way you just try stopping me.

All the best and keep it up!

Another Wendy

Wendy said...

Thanks for your comment Fiona - I'm not sure I'm an inspiration, but it's nice to read anyway :-)

And to "Another Wendy" Well done on your loss so far, and may I recommend blogging (and sending me the link!) as it's a very good way of blabbering on about it without annoying friends and family ;-)

I also recommend because it's choc full of recipes, hints, challenges, support etc. Sure helps me to keep on track knowing I have to check in on the Be Good Challenge every day!

Loth said...

Hi Wendy - came over for a wee look after you left a comment over at my place (thank you for that!). Will have a rummage through your archives if you don't mind! I know what you mean about having no frame of reference - I am down to 13st or thereabouts now and still clinically obese according to those damn tables (grrrr!)but I actually feel pretty okay. I certainly look better than I did and I suppose that's what counts: once you feel okay, and pretty healthy and are happy in your skin. Keep up the good work.