Thursday, 13 March 2008

Race for Life

A comment left by my brother on my Progress Pics post made me think.

"Keep up the good work and we'll run a marathon together next year !!!"

That's a pretty scary yet awesome idea actually. But I don't "do" running. I've only just started walking!! But my mind was gently turning on the idea, and since I am still gymless, I need an exercise plan of some kind.

Then, in one of those interesting flukes the universe throws in from time to time, I received an email inviting me to enter the Race For Life.

Well that's got to be a sign hasn't it? So I'm going to enter and aim to part run part walk the 5k. There's a 6 week training plan on the site, but I may take a little longer than that ;-)

Oh, and I'm tackling one of my other exercise goals this morning - I'm going for a swim :-)

Update on the swimming thing..

I swam. I did 22 lengths. But it was a frankly miserable experience. Communal changing rooms, a bunch of schoolkids changing in there after a swimming lesson, no door or even curtain for privacy in the get the picture. I enjoyed the actual swim, but where's the need for the freaking ritual humiliation???

So that's it. I am joining a gym with a nice pool, swanky changing room, and privacy in the bloody showers! And I'm doing it today!


RóisínO said...

If you don't fancy running a marathon, how about walking? With a sparkly bra on display. I would love to do the platex moonwalk, how about 2009?
R U brave enough!

Wendy said...

ooh is that a dare Roisin?? I will if you will ;-)