Friday, 7 March 2008

The final curtain.

Today is the very last day Curves is open, so I will be headed out to there soon. I don't feel much like exercising, I was there last night, and I've just power-walked to school and back. Plus I've got a lot of housework to catch up with due to having too much fun this week! But I'll go because I can't not say Goodbye and thank you!

I've made some investigations and apparently I can actually sign the credit agreement for the gym I want to go to, because the sum involved is less than £500. The question remaining then is whether I can bring myself to do it...anyone who has been through bankruptcy would tell you they never want credit again! I feel quite sick at the thought of it, but at the same time I need my gym fix! DH has some money due imminently from a personal injuries claim - someone drove into the back of his car last year while he was instructing (he is a driving instructor) so my instinct is to wait for that money to come through and use some of that for the annual subscription. I don't want to lose momentum though!

The fun I've had this week has involved a shopping trip on my own to the Trafford Centre. On my own, no whining 6 year old preventing me from lingering in shops of my own choice! What bliss! And then yesterday I drove to Holmfirth to meet up with a friend for lunch and shopping and girly chat. Picked up some lovely charity shop bargains - clearly Holmfirth has a better class of charity shop than we do here.

Right, must go and say my goodbyes.

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