Saturday, 30 August 2008

The Self-Sabotage Fairy!

Grrrrr I'm so frustrated with myself! I know I'm in for a gain this week because I've allowed myself to be careless, to not monitor my food intake properly, to eat things without knowing the syn value first, and worst of all, to eat something I shouldn't because I'm with people who are eating. (Jam and cream scone if you want to know!)

I know these pitfalls exist. I know that if I fall into them I won't lose weight. I know what I have to do to reach my target. But the self-sabotage fairy is sitting on my shoulder whispering things like "you won't gain 2lbs just by eating a scone!" and "how much difference will it really make if there's a bit too much meat in the chilli" not to mention the all time humdinger "you deserve a treat!" How much do I hate that one!

I'm not writing the week off, I'm doing all I can to haul a loss from the jaws of a gain. But my scales, although unreliable, do tend to accurately show an upward or downward trend. And it's up this week.

On the plus side I'm walking enough to exhaust 2 greyhounds, to the point one of them lay down on the mat last night and refused to go out again when I put her lead on. Some personal trainer she is! ;)


outlaw said...

OK, split the goal. In the 16s by halloween.

You can do it, it's a bugger to keep going. I'll join you from Sept 1st (including having to organise a party that wasn't a plan)

One scone won't kill it all, yep....been there, done that - so take your food diary with you and write it all down. And then keep on walking those grey hounds and do some running with them too.

Hang in there.... see the 16s... and go for it.

Outlaw xxx

Wendy said...

Yep, that's a good goal, I can go for that - thanks Outlaw :-)

Sundancer said...

Do you ever try flexi-syns Wendy? I know it's not so recommended now, but it can help when you have difficult weeks.

Or an alternative, when things keep on jumping out at you, is to fix it in your head that you just want to stay the same weight and maintain this week - control is the biggest thing sometimes!

Mrsp said...

Grrrrrr!. That's the ticket Wendy. Give it some back.
With you all the way on that one. Just made yummy chicken pies, though my husband is quite disappointed the topping is carrot and swede and not pastry!!. Worth it on the scales though, and very tasty. Christmas goal very achievable. Stick the fairy where she belongs. With a tree up her bum on Christmas eve!!.

Kath said...

That Fairy is a pain in the arse. I know her only too well. Liking the idea of splitting the goals. Actually, must come up with some goals!! Keep going - you are doing great.

nicnack31 said...

Keep going you can do it..... THe fact that you know you have gone off track means that you are aware of what is happening, and that is the main thing. There is still over 14 weeks till Xmas so plenty of time to keep on track, and keep heading towards goal.