Saturday, 16 August 2008

Red Alert

Today I am having a "red alert day" which means, in a nutshell that I am having very strong food cravings and in my battle to keep the "bad" food at bay, I risk seriously overeating anyway! Aaarrrrrgh!

I'm craving sugary carbs it seems. How Rebecca's Frosties made it from the kitchen to her belly without diverting to mine this morning I will never know (her bowl may have been 1 spoonful light...!) And then there's the breadbin, which contains a wealth of opportunities - jam butties, cheese on toast, toast and jam, did I mention cheese on toast, oh, and look, there's crunchy peanut butter - uh oh!

So how am I managing it? Well I had toast, as perfectly allowed, but this means I've eaten into my Healthy Extra allowance for the day right at the very start, which is often bad news. And I used syns to have some butter and jam on it, same problem as the toast really. I followed with a big chunk of melon to try to get the sweet hit without the damage. And I have filled up on savoury rice for lunch and then took the dogs for a very long walk indeed. The dogs are in a state of collapse on the living room floor now, and I do actually feel much much better.

So. Sweet sugary carbs bad, didn't stop the cravings at all. Long walks good, crisis possibly averted. Must remember that lesson for next time!


Christine said...

Hey I was totally going to suggest exercise ;)

I hope you've killed those cravings but proper!

Anonymous said...

Time of the month???

Wendy said...

I think you're right, anonymous. Certainly feels that way today.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I don't have kids sometimes, so that I *don't* have to keep any bread / jam / peanut butter / crisps / treats for kids in my cupboards at all !!!

Loth said...

Your strength of character impresses me. I'm afraid I gave in to chocolate raisins on Friday. Raisins count as fruit, right?