Friday, 1 August 2008

Comfy Slippers

I am delighted to be able to report, more or less half way through this week, that I have slipped comfortably and easily back into The Plan. It was like putting on my comfy old slippers, no pain or angst involved. Phew! Always good to know you have things under control. I feel better when I'm eating better. It feels odd for me to say this, but I could feel every bit of those 2 extra pounds I gained while I was away. I felt bloated and sluggish and remarkably my heartburn had returned with a vengeance. I never would have believed that 2lbs could make such an impact to be honest. I doubt I've shed them yet, but I have already lost the heartburn again and feel lighter and slimmer deep down inside!

I'm feeling a bit of clothes angst at the moment though. Nothing is quite the right size. My work uniforms are too big, my jeans are too big, my skirts are too big. My tops are mainly OKish, and I have a few pairs of trousers in the "Can do them up but they feel too tight" category so I have something to shrink into. But right here right now I feel a bit of a scruff to say the least! I need a clothes fairy godmother to regularly replace the stuff in my wardrobe and drawers with clothes that fit and look good. For free, obviously.

On the subject of clothes, I whipped out my fat trousers for a laugh (the one pair I kept for the special photo at the end when all the weight is lost)and I can already almost get both legs into the one leg of the trousers - those things are huuuuuge! I'd love to tell you they were baggy on me.

But I can't.


nicnack31 said...

I know what you mean about trying all your clothes on and them being too big, which sounds great, but some times there are things that you really like and can't get again in a smaller size. But well done you for them all being too big, and think of the nice new things you can buy.
I am still trying to make do at the moment, and ony buy a few choice (cheap) items till i get to target.

Sara Seahorse said...

keep at it girl, those tight ones will be too big soon,

I have another set of trousers almost ready for you soon :)

Christine said...

I know exactly what you mean.

I fit into these "too tight" jeans 30 lbs ago. I've pretty much decided that it's gotten a little ridiculous and I'm going to buy a pair of jeans that fit when I get down to 175.

Anonymous said...

Re: fat trousers - "the one pair I kept for the special photo at the end when all the weight is lost"

I'm not keeping any -- I don't want the temptation at the back of the cupboard of always having one or two size 30 clothes "spare" in case of a fat day ....

I'm not one of life's hoarders anyway, I am a clear it all out merchant.

What I figured is, when I get to my "slimmer" size (whether that ends up being size 16 or 12 or whatever) I will only have a wardrobe of SLIM clothes .... if I ever need to have a photo taken of me with "previous" fat clothes I could always re-buy 1 x ugly size 30 outfit .... but I would not want to keep it -- why would I want that reminder?

I guess I think about this differently to a lot of other weight loss people.

Wendy said...

But Sharon, you have to have a photo of you standing in 1 leg of your trousers, pulling out the vast waist! It's Da Law!!

I did consider the possibility of just buying a new pair of fat pants for the photo but I'm too mean to spend the money on them when I could be buying sexy skinny new clothes instead ;)