Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Happy Healthy Eating.

Thank you for all your lovely supportive comments on my "Woe is Me" post on Monday! Have no fear, I remain firmly committed, am fully on track and in fact my scales do show a small loss this morning so fingers crossed this was just a mad diet anomoly sent to test my mettle!

I *will* do this!

I don't talk about what I eat very much so I have decided a food post is in order. In order to be successful on the Slimming World plan, I have had to make a real effort to re-educate my palate. If you are not familiar with the plan, basically there are 2 ways to go - red days mean plentiful lean meat, fish, fruit and veg, and a very modest allowance of brown pasta, or wholemeal bread, or potato cooked in a healthy way. Green days allow for an abundance of pasta, rice, potato, and pulses, fruit & veg, and of course a small allowance for meat, wholemeal bread and other healthy choices. Once you've read and understood the plan, it's very simple and you soon get into the swing of it. Initially I tried a more or less equal mix of red and green days, but I found that red days left me craving carbs, feeling generally hungrier, and my purse much lighter! So I quickly moved to 99.99% green days which suit me very well.

My new best friend is Quorn. I used to think the mushroomy stuff was vile beyond redemption, but it is just a case of finding the right products to ease into it and then only a matter of time before your favourite thing at tasting sessions are the ones made with Quorn! The product that swung me round was Southern Style Burgers. At 2.5 Syns each (from a daily allowance of up to 15 Syns) they are syns well spent. Lots of the other burger type products are wonderful too, as of course are the Quorn mince and Chicken Style Pieces. I am afraid the bangers are still vile and disgusting though!

I am a fan of a lot more vegetables these days too. I have always loved fruit so no learning curve to speak of there, but veg has perhaps not featured highly enough in my diet down the year. There's nothing I like more now though than a delicious serving of roast veg - I use whatever veg is lying around in my kitchen but I especially like root veg.

And homemade soups - mmmmmmmmmm! Lunch today will be homemade sweetcorn soup with coriander and it is to die for! Roll on lunchtime! And for tea, egg, beans and SW chips. Happy days!


Kerry said...

People in the SW mags always rave about SW chips but do you know what, I just cannot get into them AT ALL! They seem like such a lot of faffing around to me and tbh I've just kinda...totally gone off chips. I used to love, love, love my own chunky deep fried chips and I think part of me feels anything else is second best. A bit like a vegetarian who craves bacon but makes do with 'bacon flavoured TVP slices' instead. If I can't have the real thing I'd rather not bother. But I was never THAT big on chips to start with....Glad to hear you're back in the saddle. I have my weigh in tonight but feel like I might maintain - I've found it hard going this week. Think it might be the weather.
Keep on keeping on Wendy!

Kerry x

Brenny said...

You know I was sat here wondering what to do for dinner & I think I've decided on chips, egg & beans yummy! All SW of course ;-)
You have done wonderfully - keep up the good work. You'll have to let me know when you're free to pop over or we'll meet up soemwhere!
Brenny xoxoxox

Christine said...

Glad to see you've perked up :)

I have yet to try Quorn... it doesn't interest me too much tbh. But I might consider trying those burgers out, they sound nice.

What is the calorie equivalent of a "syn" btw, if you know?

Kath said...

I'm loving Quorn too, although so far I've only really tried the mince, chicken style pieces and the nuggets. Well, the nuggets were really for the children, but it turns out I like them too.

So tell me...what are these SW chips then? I sometimes make Rosemary Conley style chips...but let's face it, they're sliced up baked potatoes and not the same thing at all!!

And the security word verification thingy they're asking me to type is virtually unreadable - does it really have to be this hard?!

Sue said...

Sorry, I tried and tried. Just can't do Quorn - in fact can barely type it without barfing! Go on you for finding something that works for you though.

Wendy said...

Kath - SW chips:

Peel and chip the spuds, par boil, I do mine for a very short time cos I don't like my spuds getting waterlogged!

Dry them. I do this by returning them to the pan and standing over a very low heat, shaking them up because rough edges help.

Spray Frylight or similar on baking tray, add chips and spray them. Put in a hot oven - I go for about 220. Bake. Open oven door to let steam escape from time to time, and turn (the chips!) once during cooking. Add lots of salt and vinegar, enjoy!

Different people have different ways of getting them how they like them, but that's mine.

Wendy said...

Christine I have no idea of a syn's calorific value!

Does it help that a measure of gin or vodka = 2 syns?

Sara Seahorse said...

spirits are 2.5 syns

a syn roughly equates to 20kcal but that only works for food with no free food components - loosely termed junk! - fatty sugary things like cakes, biscuits etc

Wendy said...

See? What do I know LOL!