Thursday, 21 August 2008

Talking of great underwear...

I took this photo so you could all point and laugh at the state of my gorgeous Bravissimo bra. But when I looked at the picture I spotted something much much more exciting!

Look! I have collar bones!!

I suddenly feel all feminine and delicate ;) I still need to go bra shopping though!


Loth said...

That happened to me in court once - I wondered why the sheriff clerk (the court officer, who sits facing you) was smirking. I looked down and almost poked my own eye out! Enjoy your shopping trip.

Christine said...

ugh, I hate it when the wire pops out. It never stays back in again :(

Brenny said...

Sadly, or not depending on how you look at it, I need to go bra shopping. My boobs seem to have shrunk since I lost a bit of weight. As long as they don't disappear I'll be fine- they're my best asset! ;-)
Fab news on the collar bones btw- & am loving that necklace!
Brenny xoxoxox