Monday, 1 September 2008

Should have gone to Specsavers.

Week 34

Weight: 17st 12lb
Gain this week: 2.5lb
Total lost: 69.5lb

Oops, it must have been a huuuuge scone! OK, it happened, the line is drawn, and it's back to it - I will do a food diary this week and make sure I weigh my Healthy Extras and syns, and count my syns before putting them in my mouth!

I've been having some trouble with my eyesight recently. Well for a while really if I'm honest. My eyes have been aching. Can't read close up stuff, can't read the on screen TV guide either. I struggled to read the dosage instructions on Rebecca's medicine last week and in my job you have to be able to read dosage instructions! Then today I had a blinding headache. My eyes throbbed! So I gave in and trotted off to Vision Express for an eyetest and discovered that I am in need of glasses for both close and distance - no flipping wonder I was struggling and my eyes hurt! So I will soon be the bemused owner of a pair of varifocal specs.

I see this as a new fashion opportunity - all those fabulous frames to choose from! The only problem is, the price made me suck air through my teeth - good thing I have just been paid or I'd have to be a month blinder before I could afford them. The glasses I have chosen are a very bold style - I didn't go for those discreet almost invisible spectacles. If I have to wear them, they will make a statement! And if people are looking at my specs, they won't be noticing my flabby belly hey! I just hope those frames don't weigh much...maybe I won't wear them on Mondays ;)


Loth said...

That's it - you are a grown up now! Can we get photos of the frames once you get them? Sort of personal interest as I suspect I will need to go for an eye test some time soon (I am doing that thing where you have to hold anything with small print at about arm's length before you can read it!) and I am on the lookout for tips!

Wendy said...

I will absolutely post a photo! The arms length thing is what I was doing, but then I couldn't see things far away either so I was confused. When the optician asked about my problems I only told him the reading thing, he discovered the distance thing for himself with his clever testing trickery.

Sara Seahorse said...

Fiona said...

tell me how you get on with the varifocals Wendy..I fought shy of the expense of them last time at the opticians and got reading glasses and ones I wear all the time...well yesterday I got to Nairn to pick up dh only to discover I was wearing said reading glasses so mefinks varifocals for next time and triple check before leaving the house !!!