Thursday, 18 September 2008

Testing, testing...

Apologies for the absence of words this week - I've been on a course in Manchester all week - long long days of filling my head with clever stuff, in the presence of people far cleverer than me. I now have 4 weeks in which to really really learn all the clever stuff before the first of 2 testing days. I wish I could show you the amount of information I have to learn. I'm quite overwhelmed!

Because of the course I wasn't able to get to weigh-in this week, so no update available on that score.

The venue of the course was most pleasing, and they provided an excellent range of food and refreshments. I was really really happy with the vegetarian choices, but I couldn't really have them because they weren't diet choices! The 2 things, sadly, are not synonymous. On day one there was a wild mushroom risotto, which I did eat, followed by cheese and fruit (or a fabulous looking chocolate gateaux which I resisted!) Day 2 was a Quorn moussaka which I thought looked wonderful. But I didn't eat it, I went to the salad bar instead. I followed with cheese and fruit again, resisting the fruit pie and custard option. Day 3 I wasn't so virtuous, I chose the lamb with olives and chorizzo because I can never afford to buy lamb and it's my most favourite meat in the whole wide world. And then I followed it with lemon meringue pie because of course the faulty wiring in my head inevitably leads me to say "I may as well, since I've already blown it....." So the bad news is that even on the days I made the healthiest choices I was not working to The Plan, but the good news is that I'm right back on it now, no question.

I'd best go and get my nose back in my books. My brain my explode with the amount of new information now held within. If that happens, at least I'll have eaten lamb before I died.


Sundancer said...

Hey, at least you can class the lamb as a red, or a 'mix to max' or what ever.
I should imagine that if you've managed to stick with it for the rest of the week, the lemon pie shouldn't be too bad - meringue is surprisingly low in syns.

Good luck with your tests Wendy, they sound scary!

Karen said...

Ooh, what course have you done?

Wendy said...

Karen it's a terrifyingly in depth ECG course...everything I thought I knew has gone out the window - I've basically had to desconstruct all my prior knowledge and learn a whole new way of doing things. This is probably a good thing, but it has left me feeling a bit less than confident at work while I try to grasp these new concepts!

(the algebra formulas made my brain shut down in a flash - that's maths that is!)

Wendy said...

Kath said...

If you fill your brain with enough heavy-weight facts and it then does explode....think of the weight loss!! C'mon...there's got to be a positive spin somewhere!!

I don't know as I could have resisted lamb either so don't be too hard on yourself.

By the way, the word verification today is a pretty close approximation of the sound a brain imploding might make...grphmp