Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Fame Game

Week 38

Weight: 17st 10lb
Loss this week: 1lb
Total lost: 71.5lb

Humph! That felt like a lot of work for 1 pound off! I suppose not everything shows on the scales immediately though, so I maybe had really gained more than 1lb last week so have in reality lost more than 1 this week. Or something like that!

It's on the way down and that is of course the main thing. But I'm going to have to work extra hard this week now to be on track for my 10% off by Christmas!

The challenge this week is to try something new foodwise, so I am searching for a recipe that is cheap, simple and appealing. I have found one in this month's Slimming World magazine for 3 Bean Chilli. I already have most of the ingredients for that one in the cupboard so I may well try that tonight. I will report back on how it goes!

I forgot to mention last week, we had a press photographer at class who took a group photo of us...I would have been happier with a bit of lippy on but hey, maybe this is a lesson to me to be well groomed at all times, just in case! I don't know whether the picture appeared in last week's local paper because I forgot to buy it! I'd make a rubbish celeb!


One to many said...

I can highly recommend the three bean chilli we have it regularly as its yum and so easy to make. enjoy

Christine said...

wow! I'm making four bean chili as we speak! (Although it's my own recipe - what's the slimming world one like?)

Karen said...

I love 3 bean chilli, just make sure you are not working after you have it, you will be jet propelled all night long :o)

Anonymous said...

Bizarre, just followed a link to your blog from "Sharon's Blog/Goodbye to all fat" and your post is laid out exactly like mine and we have lost exactly the same amount of weight with just 2 weeks apart from each other. Well done on your loss!!! Am going to bookmark you :o)

Wendy said...

Bizarre indeed! I have bookmarked your blog now to have a read when I've got more time!

Well done on your loss :-)