Monday, 8 September 2008

Aspiring to Obesity!

Week 35

Weight: 17st 10lb
Loss this week: 2lb
Total lost: 71.5lb

Thank goodness, I re-earned my 5st award - I totally hate it when I have a gain that takes me above an award weight - it makes me feel a total fraud! So a big sigh of relief from me tonight!

Right I have my eye on the next 10lbs because last night at work I was looking at the BMI chart on the wall and apparently when I get to 17st I go from "Very Obese" to merely "Obese" so that will be a landmark moment for me. Who knew becoming Obese would be something to aspire to - those are the kind of life goals that seem achievable ;)

Way back in the beginning I mentioned that my husband had joined me in coming to Slimming World, but since then I haven't talked about his journey at all because he doesn't want to be "plastered all over the internet"! So I am just going to take a sentence to mention that he is doing really really well too, and that him being there with me has made my own journey that much easier. And a little healthy competition at the scales does no harm at all!

For those of you who wanted to see me in my specs, here's a bigger version of the tiny pic in my profile - excuse the lack of make up and hair a mess, it is a candid self portrait taken the day I got the glasses!

Finally an apology to Heather, my SW consultant. I know she hates it when people "Pay and Weigh" and don't stay to class. I feel like I'm doing just that quite a bit lately and my defense is that I am working Monday nights a lot, and there just isn't time to stay to class, feed us all, walk the dogs, sort Rebecca out for bed, get myself ready for work and still get there on time! So I do have to leave after weigh in on those days. Sorry. Next week is as bad, if not worse. Not sure about the week after!


Loth said...

I know exactly what you mean - I can't wait for the day when I am overweight! Love the glasses, by the way, and I wish I had eyes the colour of yours - mine are sort of muddy grey and undistinguished!

Pippa said...

Well done. Onwards and downwards, hit obesity as if you ain't staying around for the tidying up.

Which puts me in mind of a totally unrelated story: I had asked to have #2 at home, it was a request refused and I was offered the domino/midwife led room. I turn up and the midwife who I'd seen once before (and hated) tinkled at me (mid contraction) that I couldn't have the domino room, I had to go to the normal labour ward and that she'd be there to see me started, but wouldn't be around for the tidying up due to going off shift in an hour and a half. Well, #2 came fast, I had to lose the BBQ at speed into one of those tiny cardboard bowl things, mid contraction and missed. Oh boy did she have some cleaning up to do as my baby arrived about an hour after we arrived! So, see *obesity* as a hiccup, an irrelevance and an annoying midwife and join me in being *overweight*

I now have an Excel chart on my pc with the line of what I've to lose and my target, with how I'm doing..... you are a great inspiration and I love the glasses.

smudge said...

Love the glasses - very trendy!

How are you getting on with the varifocals, I think I'm heading that way soon (same age as you). Are these your first specs or were you already wearing some for distance or reading?

How strong is your prescription?

So many questions! Sorry!

Wendy said...

Hi Smudge!

These were my first glasses really, although I had previously bought el cheapo reading specs from Aldi! I went in expecting to be told I needed reading glasses, and got told I needed both distance and close up prescriptions! I think the distance part is a fairly weak prescription to be honest, and I tend to think I could have managed without that part for a while longer yet. The reading part is stronger, but not massively strong. Just enough that it makes a world of difference - I can read the nutritional information of the back of food now ;)

I find them great for reading, using the computer, watching TV, driving etc. But I am not keen on walking around in them because you have to look directly at what you want to see or the focus is all wrong. And as for wearing them in a shop, it's horrible! The layout of a supermarket means your eyes are naturally travelling all over, so I'm almost never in focus then!

I would say on balance they are probably a better option than having 2 different pairs of glasses, but they don't replicate proper 20/20 vision sadly.

I wonder how in the world varifocal contact lenses work!