Monday, 30 June 2008

Out with the Old!

Week 25

Weight: 18st 4.5lb.
Loss this week: 2.5lb
Total lost: 63lb

Yay! That's 4 1/2 stone, a nice shiny sticker, and I'm back!!

I decided to have a fresh new look on my blog, and a fresh new look in my wardrobe! So I had a massive sort out of my wardrobe at the weekend. Here are all my fat clothes, and my wardrobe now. The bag of fat clothes is full to bursting point - fat clothes take up a lot of space! My smaller clothes look almost non existant only because they are so small that they just disappear!

If I gain a pound, I'll have nothing at all to wear! (Obviously I have kept 1 pair of fat pants - I'm aware of my obligation to be photographed in one leg of them when I reach target!)

Let me know if you like the blog's new look - I'm not 100% decided yet.


Christine said...


I really long to throw out my fat clothes!! Ohhh for the day I get to do that :D

For now I have to keep wearing them though, as I've nothing else and I don't look TOO ridiculous in them yet. Although we're at the point that my pants actually DO fall down all the way if I don't wear a belt. Not just threaten. Whoosh!

As for the template... I'll be honest. It's one of the more recognizable "standard" ones that blogger offers. I'd stick with one of the more simple ones, or you could try and pick one of their less flashy templates (the ones with one large highly manipulated image really scream "I picked this up off a tacky template site")

This one, for example, isn't bad:

And I want a 1940s tea dress in that pattern.

Rachel said...

Well done Wendy! 15st by Xmas, I'm with you! (I'm down to 17st 13.5 now from 19st 2).

I quite liked the template TBH!

Rachel x

Jacquie said...

I did much the same as you Wendy and offered all my fat clothes on freecycle. They were snapped up! I love the feeling of getting into smaller stuff...and with the prices of t-shirts this summer I've indulged myself and bought several (and the pants to go with it).

You're so on track again. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Well done on the 4½ stone Wendy!

I do like the new muted shades of blue on the blog but it took me by surprise -- it was like, ooh heck, whose blog is this?

Best wishes,