Monday, 23 June 2008

New Personal Trainer

Week 24

Weight: 18st 7lb.
Gain this week: 2lb (Celebratory pizza!)
Total lost: 60.5lb

My new personal trainer goes by the name of Barney. Barney is a 5 1/2 year old ex racing greyhound who came to us on Saturday afternoon, via

Now I know he looks like a lazy lump not even capable of quite getting quite as far as walking through the door, but the reality is he makes me get up in the morning and take him for a nice walk, and a second one later in the day. And he wouldn't say no if I took him to the park inbetween. Fresh air and exercise - much more fun than going on the treadmill 3 times a week I can promise you!

I really have to big up the work of Greyhound Gap here. Not only do they rescue these beautiful dogs, but they work tirelessly to make sure they find a happy forever home. Foster carers home the dogs until the right home comes along, and consequently they have fantastic knowledge of how the dog behaves around kids, other animals, alone in the house, out on walks, etc etc. Barney has come to us neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, deflead, dewormed, housetrained and just divine! Special thanks to Mike and Judy who were his foster parents - what amazing work they do,before handing the dogs over to their forever home. If you ever feel you could give a good home to a dog, consider Greyhound Gap.

Now I've done the Race for Life, I have to keep a promise to complete a new challenge. Dietgirl invited her readers to join her in doing the One Hundred Push Ups challenge, which takes you from zero to 100 in 6 weeks allegedly. That's good because zero is the exact amount of pushups I can officially do as of this morning. So why the hell not - I'm in. I start today. Anyone else going to join in?


Loth said...

Love your new trainer. There is a greyhound kennel near my house so we see lots of them out and about - beautiful dogs. As for the push ups - I thought about it. I suppose if you will, I will!

Rachel said...

What a beautiful dog!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely pet + personal trainer combined!

No, I'm not doing the 100 push ups thing -- this comes down to knowing your own limits. At the moment I cannot actually lift my own body weight -- at all, not even half an inch off the ground.

Any exercise where I am working against the force of my own body weight is extremely difficult, but I hope this will change once I am 50 lbs down or more.

Best wishes running about with your wippet!