Saturday, 7 June 2008

Seven Deadly Sins

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath Envy and Pride.

I'm guilty of 3 of them this week. Well, 3 I'll admit to anyway ;-)

I would love to be able to come here and say that losing our gorgeous dog earlier this week has had no effect on my healthy eating, but unfortunately I can't. It has affected me because I have been unable to be bothered cooking, then getting hungry and resorting to snacking. And my exercise routine has slipped too, which this close to my Race for Life is very very bad!

On the bright side, even though I've snacked instead of eating healthy meals, I do think it's been relatively controlled snacking - Weight Watchers crisps instead of Walkers, low syn crackers with legitimate cheese allowance, and I have had *some* fruit and veg! There was one day when I was greedy and gluttinous and ate for the sake of eating (I never should have bought those crumpets!) but if you subscribe to the idea that being "good" 80% of the time is enough, then I may still hope to see a loss on the scales on Monday. But the less healthy diet and the lack of exercise is affecting me badly because now I feel sluggish and sloth-like. The very idea of hopping on the treadmill this afternoon is filling me with horror! But I will do it because I really really need to!

On the subject of my Race, I am pretty much decided that I am going to walk most of it. I think I am trying to do too much too soon if I go beserk with the running. 60 seconds jogging pushes my heart rate into the "too fast" zone and it takes a good couple of minutes to recover. I'm still hauling the equivalent of an extra adult round in fat, so I do need to be a bit sensible about it! So my general plan is to jog for short bursts as and when I feel comfortable doing so, and try to keep enough energy in reserve to jog in the approach to, and across, the finish line.

Reading what amazing feats other people achieve, I feel like I'm making a big deal out of a mere 5K, but it's my first so I'm going to allow it!

Right, those other 4 deadly sins - Lust, wrath, envy, pride...well actually apart from one, they don't sound all that much fun!

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Anonymous said...

I'm the same at times of emotional stress or sadness, especially if it starts to break up my routine.

Best wishes for getting back on track and try to find a use for that "lust" thing - I wish I could! Lol! ;-)

Best wishes,