Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Elephant in the Room

I suppose I ought to talk about the elephant in the room - what an unfortunate choice of phrase to use on a fat blog ;-) The elephant to which I refer is of course my gain of 2lbs this week. My first gain in fact, and a slight blow to the smooth run through the 18s that I had hoped for.

OK first let me get my feeble excuse out of the way. On Friday, before I did anything "wrong" at all, I felt fat and bloated. I told my friend I felt fat and bloated and we pondered the probability of it being a hormonal issue. 6 days later I'm thinking I might have to rule that out though.

I suppose the real problem is that after my victorious race on Saturday morning, I "deserved" treats and I "deserved" to celebrate with my friends by eating my body weight in pizza. I also "deserved" to wash that pizza down with a hefty dose of alcohol. I forgot in the heat of the moment that what I really deserved was to see a loss on the scales on Monday, and so blew my chances of that happening.

Was it worth it? Well, I had a good time, I enjoyed my treats and it was good to cut loose and not think about what I was doing too much so yes in that respect it was worth it. Just as long as I don't look back on this episode sometime in the future and recognise it as the beginning of the end. If that happens, then no, it wasn't worth it.

Let the record show that I *am* currently back on track, but that I am feeling more hungry than usual, which is where my fear comes from. I think I have it under control but my next trip to the scales will be the acid test. I'm aiming to lose those 2 horrible fatty pounds plus an extra half - I feel I need a sticker and 2 1/2lbs will get me a nice shiny 4 1/2stone one!


Another Wendy said...

Wendy, the problem with healthy eating plans and weight loss is that sometimes real life gets in the way. The trick is to just carry on with the healthy eating after you've wobbled a bit.

You know this, because you've lost lots of weight and can continue to do so, but so many people say 'I've blown it, I give up.' So, I'm just reminding you, carry on as normal!

Your run on Saturday was fantastic and you deserved a bit of a blow-out. Don't be too hard on yourself.

However, I've been doing SW for 6 months now and I remember the first time I gained (I've done it 3 times now!). It was really upsetting, but once you're back in weight-loss mode it will be just a memory.

Outlaw said...

The problem is getting the whole healthy relationship with food sorted...

...and gettign the next goal defined.

back to the plan is good, starting on the pushups challenge is good, finding another 5k to walk/run is good, beating yourself up with a gin and tonic is bad.

You may find that you need to define a treat better for yourself.. it might be the bag of forbidden bath bombs in the cupboard (along with an hour of uninterrupted time in the bath) - or cinema tickets or just that you have a list of things you would like to do on the wall that over time you can save up for and celebrate with when there are momments that need celebrating.

You are doing so well - what's one gain week? NB one not six.

Sara Seahorse said...

2lb was not so bad and like me you are back on track now . . I have stuck to plan since getting back off holiday

I am anticipating a 5lb gain this week . . I can't believe going slightly off plan for 3 days would do so much damage but it has! It just proves it is not how much you eat but what you eat . . . Spanish hotels don't do wholemeal bread and trying to stick to plan was hell. I didn't have much alcohol either . . . it just makes me more determined!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why we are brought up with this notion of "treats" and food as rewards when we "deserve" something.

As you say, you / we also DESERVE to be slim and DESERVE to see a loss on the scale next week -- unfortunately we have to undeserve pizza and wine in the process !!

Best wishes for next week.

MizFit said...

what struck me is that you ENJOYED the food.

it wasnt a package of cookies eaten alone out of depression which might be an "uhoh" sign for days ahead.

keep looking forward
moving forward
setting new goals and you'll be back on track STAT!


Mark said...

Well you've beaten me - I lost 54lbs, so allow yourself the occasional hiccough and get over it ! We all slip up from time to time. The important thing is what happens tomorrow, not what happened yesterday.

Make sure you don't let the fat & sugar addiction get a hold again and you'll be just fine


Christine said...

You know, I'd actually blame the alcohol more than the pizza.

Alcohol leads to dehydration which leads to retaining water. I bet you didn't gain any real weight at all, and I bet you lose it and more by Monday :)

So hopefully you don't take it to heart! You're doing great :D

Wendy said...

Thanks for al your lovely comments - they helped me stay on track through the week!