Monday, 16 June 2008

Week 23

Weight: 18st 5lb.
Loss this week: 2lb.
Total lost: 62.5lb

Ooooh half a pound away from my 4.5st award! So near yet so very far! I'm also starting to get a bit excited at the idea of weighing 17 something. Last time I knew I weighed 17 something I was about 8 months pregnant but we'll overlook that and treat it as something aspirational instead ;-) My last foray into Slimming World saw me get utterly totally and fatally stuck in the 18s, so a smooth run through this stone is a big psychological boost.

You know when you start a diet, it becomes all consuming? Every waking moment is filled with planning what you can eat, whether you have had all your allowance for the day, whether you have enough syns left for some dry crackers, that sort of thing? Well it occurred to me the other day that I'm not in that place anymore. I seem to have transitioned to a stage where it's just normal. I eat what I can eat, I don't worry about what I can't eat. If I'm out and about and need to grab food, I know what to look for to fit in with my day. It's just - normal is the only word I can find for it! It's nice. It means there's room in my brain for other stuff!

So. Big big week this week. It's my Race for Life on Saturday. How prepared am I? Well I'm currently coughing and sneezing into my Olbas Oil Tissues, and gasping for breath on the walk to the kitchen....eeeeeeeek! But I refuse to get stressed about this. No matter how I do, it's better than I would have dreamed of doing 12 months ago, or even 6 months ago. I'm going to go along, have a lovely walk, maybe jog a bit, and enjoy myself! And so far I have been sponsored to the tune of £70 so that feels a worthy enough sum to haul myself out of bed for!

And on Saturday afternoon, after the race, we are doing something really really exciting. I'll tell you about that another day :-))


Anonymous said...

Well done on the weight loss and having reached the stage where this is just now "normal" for you and not all-consuming thinking about what you can and can't eat.

Look forward to reading about your Race for Life at the weekend.

best wishes,

Mrsp said...

Enjoy yourself Wendy have a great time at Race For Life.
I have a feeling that half a lb is in the bag for next week.
Ain't no stopping you now!.
All the way to target.

Rachel said...

Just read your post on PLUK, hope you feel better. The people who have donated online via have already paid - their accounts will have been debited and the money gone to the charity.

Hope you manage to do it ok.

Rachel x

Wendy said...

I am doing it even if I have to walk with the 95 year old ladies with broken hips LOL! I'll be fine, I'll be wheezy but I won't die of that!