Friday, 13 June 2008

At Last!!

Finally, after 22 weeks, 3 or 4 dress sizes, and over 60lb lost, someone has said "have you lost some weight?"!!

I know from my progress pics that I looks as though I've lost weight, so it isn't a case of me needing people to say it to make me feel good, luckily! But I'm just astonished that it took losing so very much to get any kind of reaction at all! I suppose the odd few stones on or off isn't so noticable when you are starting from a very heavy point. So presumably the next 4 stone off will provoke a bit more of a reaction.

If I feel this good now, imagine how I'm going to feel when the next 4 stones are gone!!


Christine said...

I wouldn't say a lack of comments is an indication of people not noticing - I think it's an indication of people not wanting to say the wrong thing. It can be tough, you know. What if you get offended by them saying "You look great!! Have you lost weight?" because that COULD suggest that you didn't look great before.

My vote is people are treading carefully rather than risk hurting your feelings - take it to mean people care about you and are sensitive to your emotions :)

Christine said...

PS I say this because I got my first comment on Monday - my landlady said, in a very blunt way, "You've lost a lot of weight!!" To be honest I didn't really know how to react - you see, she and I don't really get along and it sounded like she was essentially calling me fat before! Which, to be fair, is true... but she's not allowed to say it :P

Wendy said...

I like the positive spin you put on the situation! Excellent attitude to life! I'm off to look at your blog now :-)

Another Wendy said...

I mentioned to someone the other day that I had lost some weight (40 lb) and she said 'oh, I thught you had, but I didn't like to say....'

No, I can't figure that one out, either!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!

Yes, it does take a while before people notice when we are quite large to start with, but definitely worth it!

Jacquie said...

Those comments are fantastic when they come...and I reckon Christine has got it right. People know we are sensitive about our weight issues and are confused about whether to comment or keep quiet.

I've had people who've known me fairly well but not seen me for a couple of years, walk right past me and not know me until I spoke (I've lost 91 lbs. to date but struggling just now to keep on losing).

You've done well Wendy...and you are a good encourager to boot!