Monday, 2 June 2008

Bakewell v Eat well!

Week 21

Weight: 18st 10.5lb.
Loss this week: 0.5lb.
Total lost: 57lb

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my progress pics. I should have mentioned on that post how many inches I have lost. I'll do it now instead!

In 20 weeks I lost 4st, 8 inches from my waist, 5 inches from my bust and 4.5 inches from my hips. Back in the Curves days I could have told you about arms and thighs and more. But I'm not tracking those measurements myself, it's not so easy to tell where to put the tape measure for accuracy!

I look as though I was a lazy blogger last week - it was just that we went away so no access to the WWW. We went camping with friends and stayed near Bakewell in Derbyshire, famous for it's tarts. Plus they have a shop that sells the best pasties in the universe - the only ones I have ever found that could hold a candle to my grandad's! So is it possible to eat well in Bakewell? Not unless you are going to be feeling a bit miserable I'd say. I freely admit to having 1 tart, 1 pasty, a fair bit of wine, "some" vodka and probably a few other bits I can't even remember! But I was conscious of not wanting to gain weight if I could help it so I didn't go stupid and I'm happy to see that pay off at the scales tonight. Only half a pound off, but a loss is a loss :-)

In other news, now Rebecca can ride her bike without stabilisers, I've hauled my bike out of the darkest recesses of the shed. I used to have her on the back of it but once she got too big for the seat I put it away and haven't seen it since! The poor bike has suffered for it's incarceration, but it's rideable and we have been out for a spin. Looking to the future, maybe we will tackle the Bikeathon next year - why not!

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Rachel said...

A loss is a loss - onward and downward! Well done!