Friday, 4 July 2008

Sparkly Toes

Today, in celebration of the weight I've lost so far, I treated myself to a non-food reward. I went for a professional pedicure. This took almost as much nerve as going to the gym all those months ago, somehow I don't feel like I deserve to be in a beauty salon amongst all those young slim perma-tanned girls. But I wanted a pedicure, I wanted my feet to be rewarded for carrying me successfully for all these years!

I have to say it was bliss. My feet have never, in 41 years, had an hour and a half of non stop attention lavished upon them. They have been soaked, exfoliated, moisturised, polished and sparkled and it was a most relaxing way to spend the morning. And I now have bright red toenails with gems on - how sexy is that!

I've also had a haircut today, and bought a new dress to hang in my empty wardrobe. The dress is way too nice for me. I will wear it to a party tonight and then the plan is I will dress it down, add a brown belt instead of the shiny one supplied and make it daywear. But whether I am realistically able to carry such a glamorous daytime look remains to be seen. I hope so, I do love it!

In other news, Rebecca hopped on the scales yesterday. I am now able to say that I have lost a whole one of her! Look at her photo over there <-------- that's how much weight I've lost! I can still give her a piggyback, but I wouldn't want to be carrying her around full time!


Anonymous said...

If you post a piccy of you wearing the dress we can tell you if you can carry it off or not ;)
(I'm sure you will look great in it!)

Outlaw said...

What a wonderful treat. Am I the only one who isn't fussed by seeing the dress as much as the toes????!!!!

An excellent getting back on track post. well done. Onwards and downwards.x

Anonymous said...

You've lost ONE whole Rebecca -- wow !!!!

Sara Seahorse said...

wanna see the new dress, toes and hair!

Wendy said...

Your wish is my command!

Susan said...

You go girl!! Nothing better (nor more well deserved) than a little bit of pampering!!

You look awesome!