Monday, 21 July 2008

Then there were 2

Week 28

Weight: 18st 2lb
Gain this week: 1.5lb
Total lost: 65.5lb

It's been a week of ups and downs. All week I felt ridiculously hungry. I'd eat a hearty meal and 2 hours later I felt almost sick with hunger. It was hard to keep making the right choices, but I managed to do so right through till Friday evening, when I just caved in and ate something that appealed rather than what I knew I could or should eat. It was so good that I can't even remember what I ate now. Unfortunately though that set the tone for the weekend, and I had some cake, some chips and even some sweets over the next couple of days. On Friday it would have been redeemable. By Sunday I knew it wasn't anymore, and there would be a price to pay on the scales. I actually feel fairly relieved the price is as low as 1.5lbs!

I'd love to say to you that I am now 100% back on track and a dead cert to lose again this week. But if I'm going to be honest, I'm going away for 4 nights on Thursday and I don't have any strong plans to be too inconvenienced by trying to stay on plan. I know that's not a fabulous attitude, but it's probably the only holiday I'll afford this summer so dammit I'm going to relax and enjoy it! I promise that normal service will be resumed as of next week.

In better news this weekend, I bought some stuff in the Next sale. For me!! That's never happened before!

Also quite exciting this weekend was a new addition to our family. Lola is 2 years old and is half sister to Barney. When she turned up at Greyhound Gap it would have been impossible for me to look away! She looks like a younger, smaller and prettier version of Barney, and they look so good together. But my goodness she is a different personality! Barney is so laid back you'd hardly know he was there, except for the weight of him leaning against your leg! Lola is bouncy and cheeky and very very nosey, and oh so very greedy! I have spent the better part of today wrestling various food and non-food items from her jaws, including a yo-yo which had me worried!!

There'll never be a dull moment now!


outlaw said...

OK. I'm going to be mean. I'm going to be mean because I've undone all my good dieting over summer holidays before.

1) drink water when you feel hungry.
2) snack on carrot sticks
3) record the bad things and work them off with extra walking
4) if *the good things on holiday* are still the good things (except for your weight) then you have to renegotiate your food relationship.

You have done so brilliantly. think about what you are trying to achieve and bust yourself out of the trap you are in... maybe, actually, this is time for you to make an interim step to your goal of 15stone by xmas - even if it's *I'll take my trainers on my 4 night holiday and walk for 25 mins every morning before the others get up and I'll either have wine OR snacks*

Somewhere I have my record card of 12 crappy weeks where I stayed more or less the same before getting refocussed and it was SO hard to get going again.

Hang in there, shout at the screen and enjoy the non food part of the break FIRST.

Christine said...

I'd be a total hypocrite if I told you to stay on plan during your holiday. Although I can tell you that I kinda wish I had.

Great news about the Next sale - isn't it a great feeling to fit into "normal" clothes?

Wendy said...

Outlaw I love your knowledge and common sense approach to all this stuff and will totally take your advice on board. To be fair, my intention wasn't about going out and binging, so much as not stressing over details when trying to create tasty camp food (which frankly I struggle to do with a full arsenal of ingredients!)

The walks are a given with my 2 greyhounds in tow :-)

You are right though, I don't want to destroy my mojo so I will work on keeping it reigned in. Thank you.XXX

Anonymous said...

Well it's not the hugest gain ever, Wendy, and you are still 2 lbs away from the 18 stone barrier -- I hope you make it this week !!

Best wishes,