Monday, 14 July 2008

Lazy, in so many ways!

Week 27

Weight: 18st 0.5lb
Loss this week: 1.5lb
Total lost: 67lb

Oooh that's getting me close to the 17 somethings! In actual fact, because my scales at home weigh me marginally lighter than those at my Slimming World class, I am already at 17st something at home - hurray! That evil 20 something is starting to feel a safe-ish distance away now, it's increasingly unlikely that I'll just wake up in the morning and find myself back there. Phew!

I was asked by a fellow SW member tonight how I'm going on at the gym, and I had to admit with horror that I haven't been there since my Race for Life - that's over 3 weeks ago! Shame on me. How easy it is to slide out of the routine, to break the good habits and return to the bad. My only defence is that I am getting plenty of walks courtesy of Barney the greyhound. But he's quite lazy actually and tires before me - we did about 2.5k this morning and he was knackered for the rest of the day! Bless! Maybe I'll have to build his stamina up so he can do my next 5k race with me. Maybe he should build mine up so I could actually run it ;-)

I'm very tired right now, having worked last night, so I'm going to take the lazy way out of this blog entry and direct you to a fellow blogger. Sharon has written a very thought provoking entry on the subject of weight and women's tendency to lie about it, making it very hard to identify what a normal healthy weight is for those of us looking for a target! Her post ends with a link to a series of images of many women of various weights, and their label of underweight, normal, overweight, obese or morbidly obese. It's worth spending the time it takes to scroll through every image - some will astound you I promise.


Sara Seahorse said...

well done Wendy
next week we will be seeing a lot less of each other!

I have lost 14lb since our last camping trip :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage, Wendy. I'm only now catching up with other blogs (I was too busy blogging my big long body image ranks for the past few days!).

Congrats on being so close to "17 stone something" and being safely away from the dreaded 20's -- I am so hoping I can follow your example!

LowRob said...

Hi Wendy
Really interesting blog, and thanks for directing me to the very very interesting photos showing how misleading BMI and 'ideal weight' can be. I come from a family where all, and I mean all, the women have big hips, even if I lost 2 stones I would still be the same dress size I am now, I guess we're all different!
Really enjoy reading your blog
Lowri x