Monday, 10 November 2008

Porridge, Soup & Diving Suits

Week 44

Weight: 17st 6lb
Loss This Week: 2lb
Total lost: 75.5lb

My feeling this week is overwhelming relief. Although I knew I had been on plan all week, and had no reason to have gained weight, my useless godforsaken home scales have been creeping up and up all week. I can no longer explain why I keep standing on the stupid lying machine, other than the fact that I am obsessed, and, well, stupid!

Brrrrrr I'm so cold, winter is definitely well and truly set in I fear. I've just read Jeanette's latest blog entry, she's just back from a Quaker Oats weekend and I'm hankering for some nice warming porridge now (remember the Ready Brek ads with the warming glow??). I'll add it to my shopping list and concede that I am an ad-man's dream.

Is it easier or harder to lose weight when it's cold? This was touched on at SW a few weeks ago, when we had a stand in consultant. Looking at my stats, I'd have to say I tend to do better in the winter months. I think this is because I am more motivated to cook delicious warming meals when it's cold outside, but it's possible that there is something psychological at work too...I'm just not sure what! The type of food I love - curries, casseroles, soups, lend themselves best to the colder months and probably it is no more complex than that.

This tiny bit of self analysis is only possible because I have been on this campaign across all 4 seasons now, for the first time ever. This unprecedented longevity, with all it's ups and downs, encourages me to believe that it might just be possible for me to go the distance this time. If I keep getting back up every time I fall, then I will make it to the finish line, even if everyone else has packed up and gone home by the time I get there. I'm like the man who walks the marathon dressed entirely in an antique diving suit. Except far far less heroic.


Anonymous said...

Well done on losing another 2 lbs and getting under 17½ Wendy!

Get off those scales at home -- they will drive you insane !!!

Fat4Now said...

Well done Wendy
You're doing fantastic :)

rosiero said...

Hi. Thanks for calling by. I am so sorry about your Dad. It is not a pleasant thing to watch. As a nurse you must see such a lot of this thing.

I find losing weight is worse in winter. I want to cook things that will warm me up, so apart from the healthy casseroles and soups, I yearn for the stody puddings -syrup pudding, chocolate sponge, apple pies, rhubarb crumbles.... And I am not just happy with one portion. Oh no. I find summer much easier as the warmer weather induces me to bring out the salads and lighter foods.

spyfox said...

hiya, i have also lost 2 lbs this week, and my total loss is 75.5 lbs as well. :) keep up the great work, you can do it.. i can't believe i am doing it LOL

Sara Seahorse said...

well done!!

wishing you a good 1.5 for next week ;)

what happened ?how did i get HERE? said...

Hi, just found your blog - good for you loosing all that weight! Will keep an eye on your progress and cheer you from the side (blog?) lines!

Fat4Now said...

Updated my links and added you Wendy. Appreciate if you could do the same :)