Monday, 17 November 2008


Week 45

Weight: 17st 7lb
Gain This Week: 1lb
Total lost: 74.5lb

This gain has come as a real blow and I'm too gutted to find anything positive to say about it.

I know it's only 1lb, but if I lose 1lb I get to say "a loss is a loss!" so I'm forced to admit that a gain is a gain!

I'd had such a good week too. I'd enjoyed my week, I'd stayed on track and enjoyed the food I cooked. I was feeling smug for gods sake, smug that I had sailed so easily through the week. In fact this entry was meant to be me musing about why some weeks it's so very easy to stay on track, and some weeks it's so very very hard.

*shakes head and sighs deeply*

Onwards and upwards and all that!


Loth said...

Bodies are weird and frankly psychotically annoying things. It stored up that wee extra pound when you went off track and waited till you got yourself together again, knowing that nothing would dent your resolve more than a loss. But you know better! Onwards and downwards indeed!

Anonymous said...

Don't let it get you down,look at the bigger picture,and know that you have inspired me to re-join sw!

I found I had gians with sw that I couldn't explain,you watch next week you will have a good loss.
Struthie xxx

spyfox said...

absolutely, what they said. don't get down g/f... i know what you mean though, it's hard not to feel bad, but i know next week you will be in a happy place again :))

Sara Seahorse said...

Wendy I have had truly inexplicable gains before - they are gutting and cruel and make you lose faith
be strong and keep at it

gains are annoying as are those weeks when you do so well and stick to plan and lose half a pound grrrrr