Saturday, 29 November 2008

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

I've always hated mirrors, at least those mirrors that pop up in front of you when you are least expecting it. I have always needed time to prepare my face into a pleasing expression, to turn my body to it's most advantageous angle, to suck in my belly, lift my shoulders, and make sure that my cute dimple is present to distract the eye from any less pleasing aspects.

Come on, tell me you all do it!

Anyway, while Christmas shopping on Friday, I stepped into a lift which had a full length mirror lining the entire back wall. Who came up with that idea! But an amazing thing happened. As quickly as I cast my eyes away from the view, I found myself drawn back for a second more detailed look. I realised that I hadn't hated what I saw. Closer inspection revealed that actually I was looking astonishingly good! I shouldn't have been looking good - I had just finished a night shift and was frankly rather tired. I had no make up on and my hair was scraped back in a ponytail, with several strands making a bid for freedom. But my skin looked clear, my cheekbones were visible, my Asda coat was fitting and flattering me beautifully and dammit, I liked what I saw!

It is of course possible that I was so tired that total delirium had set in and I was hallucinating. But at least I got happiness instead of spiders and snakes!


Fat4Now said...

elevator NSV
well done you :)

Anonymous said...

Its great to hear that you are starting to love yourself,its a big step and a very good one!

Keep it up lovely lady

Struthie xxx

rosiero said...

I hate looking at myself in lift mirrors too. I am sure they are like fairground mirrors and distort the real you.... don't they?