Monday, 24 November 2008

Neither Rhyme Nor Reason.

Week 46

Weight: 17st 3.5lb
Loss This Week: 3.5lb
Total lost: 78lb

I have absolutely no explanation for this result so let's not talk about it!

Instead, let's talk about Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor - much more fun! I adore Strictly. How I would love to be able to dance. Like John Sergeant at a minimum ;) but more ideally I would like to dance with the gorgeous hunk of manhood that is Austin Healey. I want to do the Quickstep with him - that would burn a few calories hey!

Who do you think will win? I think it will be Tom & Camilla and Rachel & Vincent in the final, and Tom will win. Rachel has peaked too early, and Tom just keeps getting better and better.

As for X Factor, my God, who is voting for Diana ?? That girl murdered my favourite ever Take That song on Saturday, murdered it until it was stone dead! There's quirky, and then there's just plain bad, and I know which side of the line Diana has fallen.

Poor wee Eoghan couldn't reach the high notes, so they wheeled out the extended Von Trapp family to do it for him, and his mentor the mighty Simon Cowell as good as admitted it when he said "Just doing what I have to do, protecting my act!" with his smug smirk.

Ruth to win! That woman can rock it!


Sharon said...

I like Diana! Although I'm not wasting my phone bill voting for *any* of them !!!

As for SCD, i want to dance with Anton Du Beke !!!

P.S. Wendy (and others) I deleted my own blog about a week ago due to some personal sh*t (Nico the Frog took revenge on me on his own blog -- what a surprise! - not!).

At the moment I am actually slightly relieved to be rid of the burden of *having* to blog and time spent having to approve + moderate comments.

I may return to blogging sometime next year (not sure yet) but will keep half an eye on my fave blogs in the meantime.

best wishes,

(formerly 'goodbyetoallfat' / Sharon's Lighter Life)

Wendy said...

I wondered where you'd gone. Sorry you had a bad ending, but it sounds like the right decision.

Good luck with the Lighter Life, keep us informed somehow!


Fat4Now said...

Lost all interest in X-Factor after Laura went :(

I think Alex prolly wins it.

Never watched SCD but did read today that JS was getting 1.7m votes and would have prob won hah

Nice loss , wd you :)

Loth said...

Never watched X Factor so can't comment on that but SCD, oh my goodness. It's really wide open, isn't it? Austin has been the most consistent but Rachel seems to have found her stride and her confidence. And if she and Vincent get to do an Argentine Tango or similar, well, that will be worth seeing. And like Sharon, I'd like to dance with Anton!

Sara Seahorse said...
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Sara Seahorse said...

Diane -throat problems - hmm could it be that fake voice she uses??

glad Rachel went she made my ears bleed

Alexwill get acontract regardless of whether she wins or not

Ruth has passion and soul

Eoghan bless him - maybe one day a star and you too spotted the backing singers trying to hide his lack of high notes

JLS nice lads and I suspect they will have some sort of career whether they win or not

Danni crying about the stealing the song comments . . she should have been crying because Rachel murdered the song