Friday, 21 November 2008


Thanks everyone for your supportive comments - every one appreciated!

I've struggled so far this week. I felt so demoralised, that I was falling at every hurdle because I struggled to see any reason not to. So when I've gained this week, I shall of course deserve it!

I don't want this to become a weight gain blog, so I need to pull myself together right now! So I need to look at my goals and work out how I can motivate myself again. Weight related goals aren't going well, not at all. Food related goals haven't worked for me so far this week because it's almost as though thinking about food so much has been counterproductive. How bizarre that this time last week I was cruising along finding it all so easy!

So that leaves exercise goals. I need to up the ante and get moving more. But I really need it to be a goal I can achieve, failure is not an option! So I've invested in a pedometer to try to increase my steps in a very tangible way. Today I'm trying to have a normal day so I can see my baseline. So far today I have walked 4049 steps, and that's just the school run and dog walk really. The school run alone was 1000 steps. The dog walk was a nice long one because the weather was nice and I had nowhere else to be. I don't go so far every time, but it all adds up. I'm guessing today will come out at about 7000 steps. Once I have a baseline I can look at realistic achievable goals. Achieving them should give me the boost I so desperately need! I wonder if skating will register as steps? I expect so! If so, that will make tomorrow's step count most excellent!

Don't give up on me yet, I'm still in the game!

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